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Seventeen’s Mingyu gets ‘caught’ at a US club, fans joke that ‘the a** slap caught up to him’

Korean media reports that Seventeen's Mingyu was spotted in a night club after completing his quarantine guidelines in the US
Fans are tired of Korean media trying to make a controversy out of Mingyu's recent nightclub appearance with S.Coups (Twitter/Pledis Entertainment)
Fans are tired of Korean media trying to make a controversy out of Mingyu's recent nightclub appearance with S.Coups (Twitter/Pledis Entertainment)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: It seems like the Korean media does not think idols over the age of 18 are adults and are free to do the things that they like. That is why, on September 10, it was reported that Seventeen's Mingyu was "caught" at a nightclub when the boy group was in the US for their 2022 'Be The Sun' World Tour in August.

The media report alleges that Mingyu was spotted at the nightclub, a few days after it was reported that he had tested positive for Covid-19. However, the report also suggested that the night that Mingyu was at the club was after the rapper completed his quarantine guidelines and had tested negative for the virus. However, the report mentions the word "caught" instead of "spotted" which has fans furious at the media asking them to leave the Seventeen member alone.  


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Fans were already aware of Mingyu's nightclub appearance

As soon as the report alleged that Mingyu was spotted at the nightclub hinting that he was doing something that he should not have been doing, fans were quick to inform Kmedia that they were already aware of the Seventeen member's nightclub trip. Fans stated that this was old news and that they were aware that both Mingyu and Seventeen's leader, S.Coups were together at the club that night. Carats (fans of Seventeen) also pointed out that the rapper had completed his Covid-19 quarantine guidelines and had tested negative before his appearance at the club.

They also reiterated that Mingyu was an adult which is why the phrasing "caught" did not make any sense. One fan shared a screenshot about the rapper from the event where a man who was at the nightclub on the same night as the two Seventeen members claimed that Mingyu took permission from his (the man's) Korean girlfriend to slap the man's butt as he was twerking on the dance floor. He said, "Can’t believe Mingyu smacked my butt at the club last night."



'Mingyu is an adult'

Fans are now claiming that Mingyu and the other members of Seventeen deserve to be treated like the adults that they are and are calling out the Korean media. One fan said, "His quarantine ended days before he went to the club but anyway I hope he had fun, and here's a fun interaction he had with some ppl at the club." One more fan said, "You expected him to never leave his home again or something..? Isn't this tweet clearly stating he was spotted AFTER quarantine, I'm confused."

Another fan said, "An adult man with a negative result of covid have fun at the club and enjoy with people in there suddenly Korean netizen said it is a controversy. They must have a boring life is it." One fan joked, "The a** slap finally caught up to him GET BEHIND ME MINGYU!!!!!" Another fan joked, "He didn't 'get caught' we all know and minded our business bc what do u want us to do? mad at him for living his life??" One more fan said, "He is an adult, and it was after he recovered from covid so he is negative, what's the problem with knetz here?"








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