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Why was Woozi crying while singing 'Circles'? Seventeen fans say 'permanent damage'

K-pop idol Woozi gets drunk with his group for the first time in 7 years on a YouTube show
Seventeen's Woozi drinks with group for first time in 7 years (@pledis_17/Twitter)
Seventeen's Woozi drinks with group for first time in 7 years (@pledis_17/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: K-pop YouTube series 'Iseul Live' is back in full swing and for their latest episode, they brought Seventeen as guests which led to some fun moments from Woozi drinking for the first time and singing 'Circles' to Hoshi crying as usual. Fans love the YouTube series, as Dingo gets idols drunk and then gets them to do live sessions.

We have had some iconic moments like the Internet being in awe with Chungha's live and stable vocals even when drunk and 2PM's chaotic episode and singing of the equally chaotic song 'Hand's Up'. Quite recently, the 'Iseul Live' came back for season 2 and the first guests were Winner who sang 'Everyday' and 'I Love U'. Well, now Seventeen on the show has gone viral with Woozi especially getting emotional and crying while singing his song 'Circles'.


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Seventeen's Woozi cries while singing 'Circles'

While we have had Seventeen members drinking on occasions like 'Going Seventeen' episodes or Hoshi on Lee Youngji's 'My Alcohol Diary', Woozi has refrained from drinking on broadcast or with the group. Well, the idol producer shocked everyone inluding his Seventeen members by deciding to drink on Dingo's 'Iseul Live'. The staff looked on with surprise while DK made a whole fuss by standing up and pouring soju for Woozi as they said this would be the first time in 7 years that he will be drinking with them.


But the mood got somber as Woozi started tearing up while singing his self-made song 'Circles'. Released in their latest album, 'Sector 17', 'Circles' is about being there for each other in hard times and relating with the singers' loneliness. We had Wonwoo as well as Hoshi tearing up as they saw Woozi crying while DK and Dino kept hugging and assuring him. Woozi revealed that the lyrics for 'Circles' were words that he has wanted to tell Wonwoo, himself, the other members and their fans.


'Love u SVT'

Fans ended up trending Woozi's real name Jihoon. A fan commented, "Yeah no that is it for me. dk affectionate is one thing but dk affectionate to a SOBBING WOOZI is just permanent damage." Another fan shared, "It was a revolutionary day i tell you." They also made tweets like, "This part now hits harder...wonwoo jihoon my best boys hope you find your comfort. love u svt." One fan was touched that Dino was taking care of Woozi, "Can we please talk about how sweet and considerate dino is he saw woozi’s empty glass so he poured him water instead of soju BEST BOY DINO."


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