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SEVENTEEN'S Hoshi handles 'sasaeng calling' situation during live in BEST way possible

Hoshi used playful humor and ignored the sasaeng caller during a livestream rather than losing his cool but he did cut the live short
SEVENTEEN'S Hoshi handles sasaeng call situation in the best way possible (ho5hi_kwon/instagram)
SEVENTEEN'S Hoshi handles sasaeng call situation in the best way possible (ho5hi_kwon/instagram)

SEVENTEEN'S Hoshi is known for his straightforward behavior and savage responses. The K-pop group member was interacting with fans on live stream on September 25. However, the wholesome live stream was paused midway because of an anonymous call. But the idol chose not to attend to it and handled the situation very calmly. He even cracked a joke and requested the caller to dial his band members instead of him. This adorable clip has received a lot of love on the internet. 

Within K-pop culture, idols often have to deal with sasaengs, which refers to fans who indulge in obsessive acts that invade the privacy of the idols. They usually go to extreme lengths to stalk K-pop idols and often intrude into their personal space in whatever way they can. Sasaengs' favorite trick is to keep ringing up their idol's personal numbers during live streams, which makes it difficult to track the caller. K-pop group SEVENTEEN's member Hoshi became prey to one such sasaeng. 


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Hoshi ends the live stream shortly after

Hoshi was on a live call with CARATs but the talk was soon interrupted when a sasaeng kept calling the idol. The calls did not cease and continued even after Hoshi warned the anonymous user. He playfully called out the caller and confirmed that he will not be picking up the call. Hoshi added, "why are you only calling me? Call the other members too. Don't call me". While the idol took care of the situation in a savage and fun-loving manner, he also ended the live stream soon after. The singer left the live stream with a pout on his face indicating his distaste for the matter. 

Many K-pop artists have sadly fallen victim to such fans who try to monitor the private lives of the idols. BTS and EXO have made news for getting excessively stalked. A crazy fan also attempted to kidnap K-pop group EXO. There is no doubt that the sasaengs of the K-pop industry have no boundaries and their disruptive behavior is a danger to idols' safety. 

Fans come to Hoshi's rescue

A fan tweeted, "hoshi's saying to stop contacting him... he's not gonna pick up anyways. he said whenever he does vlive there are voice calls through kkt... and to stop while he's being nice..." in response to the live stream. 


The same Twitter user posted, "he made a side comment like "how many times do i have to block in a day" ): he also said it's hard to change his number bc then he has to change it with the bank and all..." 


Some fans admitted that changing phone numbers in a tough deal because of its extensive usage," i live in korea right now and EVERYTHING is done through phone number verification. you can’t do anything online without it. it’s a pain to change bc you can be denied if you forget to change it somewhere else… i’m angry for him…"


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