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Did DAY6 break the 7-YEAR CURSE? K-pop boy band members renew contracts with JYP Entertainment

All four members of DAY6 renewed their contracts with JYP Entertainment
All four members of the DAY6 group have renewed their contracts with their Label JYPE (@day6kilogram/Instagram)
All four members of the DAY6 group have renewed their contracts with their Label JYPE (@day6kilogram/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: JYP Entertainment announced on Monday, September 26, that all four members of the DAY6 K-pop group have decided to renew their contracts with the label. The statement released stated, "We have renewed our contracts with all members of DAY6 Seongjin, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon. DAY6, a group with musical symbolism, and JYP Entertainment, which has extensive experience in band management, want to continue a meaningful partnership based on a strong relationship of trust. We plan to become a strong support for DAY6's future and spare no effort in providing systematic support."

The contract renewal indicated that even DAY6, like BTS, TWICE, and EXO, have broken the 7-year K-pop curse. Many might be wondering, what is this 7-year curse? According to K-pop fans, the "curse" refers to the seventh-year tenure of any K-pop group. It is when one member or all decide to leave and the group, as fans know it, disbands. It is known as the '7-year curse' as most idols sign a 7- year contract with their label before their debut. TVXQ! group members Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu (JYJ) took SME to court in 2008 for their slave contract (13-year contract). The three gained greater success in Japan after they left SME. As a result of this case, Korean Fair Trade Commission 2009 created a rule that limited all entertainment contracts to seven years.  


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DAY6 initially consisted of 6 members: Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, Dawoon, Junhyeok (who departed in February 2016) and Jae (who departed on December 31, 2021). Day6 made its first debut in September 2015, followed by a release of hit songs like; “You Were Beautiful” (2017), “Time of Our Life” (2019) and “Zombie” (2020). Many believed DAY6 to be a 'K-Pop Representative Band’ as their songs had wide-spread mass appeal among the public but the song lyrics and melodies also had a deep resonance, unlike most popular bops with catchy hooks. Their musicality earned them the reputation that "you can trust and listen to Day6."

An official statement was posted by the label on Monday, September 26 for renewal of the contracts of DAY6
An official statement was posted by the label on Monday, September 26 for the renewal of the contracts of DAY6

JYP Entertainment

This news was released weeks after the band celebrated their seventh anniversary as Sungjin held a face-to-face fan event on this occasion, which was his first public event since his military discharge. At the same time, other members: Young K, Wonpil, and Dawoon are still serving their respective compulsive military terms. Fans were eager to know if the band would continue the contract as it was about to lapse in September. Ever since the news, fans are delighted and can peacefully watch them perform. 

Many fans expressed their feelings by taking to Twitter to thank the group. One fan said, 'Thank you, Young K, Wonpil & Dowoon for your hard work and for always giving us joy and happiness.' While another one added, 'It's GOOD to love DAY6, It's GOOD to stan SJ, YK, WP & DW, Damn, It's GOOD to be MYDAY'. Many fans are excited to see them perform like before and are waiting to hear any exciting news from their end. 




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