What does S.Coups' tattoos mean? Did Seventeen's leader get 'Carat' inked?

What does S.Coups' tattoos mean? Did Seventeen's leader get 'Carat' inked?
S.Coups confirms his new permenant tattoos (Screenshot/livestream, @sound_of_coups/Instagram)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: K-pop group Seventeen's leader S.Coups aka Cheol has been trending all over Twitter after a bit from his live stream went viral. The K-pop idol is seen interacting with his fans when a question was raised about his recently caught tattoos. Cheol did not spare a breath and confirmed that he in fact has inked himself. He also assured the fans about the meaning behind the three new tattoos which have melted Carats (fandom) from around the world. 

When the fan asked Cheol about his tattoos during a live stream, the Seventeen rapper confirmed that he has gotten Seventeen's album name, 'Journey of Youth', an olive tree, and 'Carat', tattooed on his body. The olive tree is the birth flower of May 26th which is the K-pop group's official debut date whereas, Carat stands for the fandom name. The three-second clip has garnered 1 million views on Twitter and received much love among the fans. A fan even confirmed that the K-pop idol has been thinking about getting the olive tree for quite a while. They wrote, "During 2018 a carat said they wanted to get a tattoo soo so asked cheol if there was any design cheol wants to engrave as a tattoo himself & he said olive tree since it's may 26 their debut day birth flower. He finally got it!".


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Fans melt over Cheol's new tattoos

A fan tweeted about spotting Seventeen's Cheol's back neck tattoo in a picture, "Op saw his tattoo during concert but waited a month & finally after the ig post (where its seen) op asked him. He also promised hell post a pic of it." Another fan of SVT tried breaking down the meaning of tattoos, "He said 'album name,' it could be 1 album or all albums, didn't specify which, olive tree (svt debut date birth flower) & (something related to/signifying) carats." The back neck tattoo is supposedly a huge one which led to a fan posting, "That is a pretty big tattoo..."

Another one wrote, "Cheolโ€™s tattoo confirmed." A fan of Cheol tweeted, "Cheol's tattoo: journey of youth 2015.05.26~ 'with hopes that the blank at the end doesn't get filled" svt forever'". Another fan confirmed that it has been a year since the rapper got inked, "Cheol got his tattoo about a year ago...it means it was right around their contract renewal. No wonder it really was so meaningful for him to get signifying svt & carats."










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