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Did ITZY's Lia get a nosejob? Loyal fans bash hateful comments saying 'leave her alone'

A fan had pointed out that Lia's nose looked different when she made an appearance on a YouTube show
ITZY Lia appeared on the YouTube show 'Look, My Shoulder's Dislocated' with Yeji leading some fans to believe Lia has had plastic surgery (; Twitter)
ITZY Lia appeared on the YouTube show 'Look, My Shoulder's Dislocated' with Yeji leading some fans to believe Lia has had plastic surgery (; Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Plastic surgeries and body modifications are nothing new for South Koreans and it is a well-known fact that people from the country are open to surgeries that enhance their beauty. This is why the news of idols getting a nose job should not bother fans as much as it did in the past. However, fans had a mixed reaction to the news of ITZY's Lia getting a nose job to change her physical appearance.

On Friday, September 23, ITZY members Lia and Yeji attended the YouTube show, 'Look My Shoulder's Dislocated' featuring Winner's Mino, SECHSKIES’s Eun Ji-won, and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. After watching the episode, a fan made a community post pointing out how Lia looked different. Among the other members of ITZY, Lia was known particularly for having a stout and petite nose that enhanced her beauty and made her look ever-so-youthful. 


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Fans think ITZY's Lia had a nose job

According to the community post made on Nate Pann, a fan of ITZY believed that Lia recently had her nose modified and more fans were sharing their reactions to the new change in her facial features. The fan said, "They guested on the Youtube show 'Look, My Shoulder's Dislocated'. When Lia came out, I realized that her nose was a bit different. The moment I saw her I realized that her nose's height has risen up. If you watch the video, you can see it better." The fan pointed out that Lia had gotten a nose job to make her round nose pointy which completely changed the idol's facial features.


While one may receive a statement from K-pop labels about idols falling ill or testing positive for Covid-19, there is almost no statement about denying or confirming plastic surgeries on K-pop idols. So fans are now speculating if Lia really got a nose job or that it was just the camera angle in the YouTube video that made it seem like she had gone under the knife. One fan said, "Someone get the itzy girls some help fr.. it's not only the drastic diets but they all also keep touching their faces.. they all looked prettiest at their debut. i don't know what's causing them to be this insecure."

One more fan said, "I think seeing the other members get popular after surgeries and losing drastic amounts of weight has messed with them, i hope yeji doesn’t succumb tho her natural features are what makes her unique." Another fan said, "Oh my god...her old nose did look so much better, it was very pretty and harmonized with the rest of her features."

One fan defended, "Not a midzy but i think it’s just the same i think the lighting of the second pic jjust made it kinda different and also they are always active and ps take time to heal." One more fan said, "Lia 4th gen it girl honestly at this point, literally in y'all's haters mind rent free." One fan said, "And?? Almost all Kpop idols had a nosejob, what's the use of pointing it out for her? She's beautiful, leave her alone!!"








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