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Starship wants to register cyberbullies on sex offenders' website, IVE and Monsta X fans say 'GET THEM'

The K-pop label is taking strong legal action after their artists like WJSN are now frequently under attack by trolls
UPDATED SEP 24, 2022
Artists under Starship like Monsta X and IVE have often been targeted by trolls (@OfficialMonstaX, @IVEstarship/Twitter)
Artists under Starship like Monsta X and IVE have often been targeted by trolls (@OfficialMonstaX, @IVEstarship/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: By now we shouldn't have to repeat that where there is fame, there will be haters. While it is not a surprise, fans still get upset when trolls get together to cyberbully K-pop idols. For instance, each K-pop group under Starship Entertainment like IVE or Sistar has had some injustice done to them by anti-fans. But no more, apparently. On September 22, the K-pop label had said they would be taking extremely strict action against cyberbullies including getting them registered on the sex offenders website. 

While Starship has, in the past, shared that they would be taking legal action against those who spread malicious rumors and hate, it hasn't stopped trolls. We have had several instances like the Chinese members of WJSN being bullied when they became inactive. Wonho, Minhyuk and Shownu were targeted which partly affected Wonho's decision to leave Monsta X in 2019. Wonyoung has been mercilessly hated since her redebut, while IVE has been accused of chart manipulation.


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Starship to take strong legal action against haters

However, Starship's latest update has fans impressed. The label said that they had already begun the process of suing cyberbullies who are regularly targeting their artists like Cravity or IVE. The prosecution had submitted their demand of a 6-month sentence, employment restrictions and even registering the accused on the sex offenders website in South Korea. 


The final ruling from the court is yet to be announced. Starship added that they will continue to take strong legal action in the future and have no interest in settling with any of the accused. The label has also partnered up ChildFund Korea to prevent cyberbullying, help victims and promote non-violence virtually and physically. They have also asked for the help of the fans of ther artists like WJSN, Monsta X, IVE and Cravity to report cyberbullies so that they can sue them.

'Get them'

An IVE fan said, "Love how sse manage ive these days like they already hear our voices fr??????? after false sjg rumour = announce legal action for harassment for their artist
pann critic abt ive doesn't even singing live at festival = give ive hand mic and we can hear clearly their voice w." A Monsta X fan commented, "GET THEM." A WJSN fan added, "Better late than never ig... but wjsn still deserves better!!" With Wonho also being under their subsidiary label, one fan wrote, "Thank you but pls go and have the very same energy for wonho, i am on my knees." 





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