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Are BTS fans ready for more drunk Jin? Fans think he is Lee Young-ji’s next 'My Alcohol Diary' guest

Fans manifest BTS Jin's appearance on Lee Young-ji's drunk chat show 'No Prepare' aka 'My Alcohol Diary' as the two drop hints
Fans wonder how chaotic it will be when Jin appears on Rapper Young-ji's YouTube talk show, 'My Alcohol Diary' after the two drop hints online (차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube; Big Hit Music)
Fans wonder how chaotic it will be when Jin appears on Rapper Young-ji's YouTube talk show, 'My Alcohol Diary' after the two drop hints online (차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만/YouTube; Big Hit Music)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: As much as fans love and enjoy sober BTS members, ARMYS (fans of BTS) love it when there are moments when the seven boys get drunk because it gives the fandom the most unfiltered and unedited moments from the boys. Be it Jimin chugging champagne or Jungkook’s historic V Live that gave birth to the meme, ‘Night Apple Is Poison Apple but I am okay cause I am JK’ as well as his “I want to tell you a secret” joke with millions of fans watching.

Fans know how chaotic it gets when BTS members consume alcohol as their BTS 9th Anniversary Festa Livestream where members got too emotional after a few drinks led the entire world to believe the boy group was disbanding. It took RM’s sober self to clarify that BTS was not going anywhere and that they were only taking a short break. That was a story from June this year however, as recently as September of 2022 BTS’ oldest-born member Jin has been going viral for his meme-worthy drunk interaction with Jungkook on his birthday. Now as some hints drop, fans wonder if Jin will make a special appearance on the soloist and rapper Lee Young-ji’s popular talk show, ‘차린건 쥐뿔도 없지만' (also known as No Prepare and My Alcohol Diary) on YouTube.


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BTS fans think Jin will be the next guest on Young-ji's 'My Alcohol Diary'

Off lately, many popular K-pop idols have been featured on Young-ji’s YouTube talk show, ‘My Alcohol Diary’ names of which include the likes of Seventeen’s Hoshi, SHINee’s Key, Monsta X’s Hyungwon as well as TXT’s Soobin among other singers. The show premiered on June 24 with Lee Young-ji as its main host and has released 12 episodes so far with the most recent episode featuring Korean singer, Crush. With other popular guests like Danish Singer Christopher, TWICE’s Chaeyoung and Nayeon, Hyuna, Sunmi, and ITZY’s Chaeryeong.

All these guests of Young-ji have one thing in common and that is the fact that the talk show host follows them on Instagram. This is why eagle-eyed ARMYs suspect that the next guest on Young-ji’s ‘My Alcohol Diary’ could be BTS Jin because she recently followed the BTS member on Instagram as well. The fan said, "I'm not kidding. Youngji always follows all her guests on the show. It will be crazy if Seokjin really comes on the show too." 


Fans state that Jin too had dropped a hint during the boy group’s 2022 Chuseok live stream when he stated that he wanted to host his own YouTube show where he would get drunk and talk to people.  Fans who have watched the past episodes of ‘My Alcohol Diary’ have seen how chaotic it gets on the show and can’t wait to see Jin lose his mind as he gets drunk with Young-ji as they manifest him to feature on the fun talk show. Watch previous episodes of ‘My Alcohol Diary’ here


'Jin on Young-ji's show will be so epic lmao'

Fans are now worried how much chaos will ensue once Jin eventually appears on Young-ji's talk show. One fan said, "Omg youngji follows jin…if jin goes on her show, the utter chaos will be so epic lmaoooooooo. youngji hosts a show where the celebs and she drink while chatting and please it’s so funny and some of the celebs get so drunk." Another fan said, "Remember the chuseok live? Jin told to the members that he will create his own Youtube account and the content would be drinking. And suddenly Youngji followed jin on IG? Hmmmmm. Does he give us a hint or what?" One more fan said, "Seokjin & youngji. i wonder how that’s going to turn out considering jin is very interesting when he’s drunk." Another fan said, "Omfg
and i just had this lil though of 'kinda wish our boys could guest in youngji yt show too' after i watch the latest ep w/ crush...and now its rly could be....coz she just followed jin... and seems like usually if she follow someone new that means they'll be a guest."





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