BTS tops July K-pop boy group brand reputation list for 38th time, Seventeen and 2PM follow

BTS tops July K-pop boy group brand reputation list for 38th time, Seventeen and 2PM follow
BTS, Seventeen and 2PM were the top 3 boy bands in the list (@bts_bighit, @pledis_17, @follow_2PM/Twitter)

The brand reputation of artists helps the general public and interested brands get an idea as to how popular a certain artist is. It shows how well something will do if it’s promoted by the artist. From views on the commercials to how quickly a sponsored product is sold out, all hint at how popular an artist is. Even mentions on social media help rise artists’ brand reputation. This is why fans look forward to the brand reputation lists to see how they can help their idols.

Korea Corporate Reputation Research Insititute compiled and analyzed K-pop boy groups and their popularity for the month and released the list on July 10. They looked at 57 million boy group brand data that was generated between June 10 and July 10 of 2021. Some of the criteria were consumer behavior, participation index and media index. BTS was at No 1, followed by Seventeen and 2nd-gen group 2PM.

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July's brand reputation 

The end goal of this list is to see a brands’ consumer habits and whether they responded well to the groups that were their brand ambassadors. Brands carefully look at which groups rose or fell on the list and strategize for their next campaign and ambassador accordingly. July’s list of 50 groups includes artists from 2nd-gen stars to rookie groups.



2nd-gen stars 2PM rise to No 3

The first place goes to BTS for the 38th month in a row, followed by Seventeen and 2PM. 2PM’s reputation increased by 243.44% from last month as they jumped from No 14 to No 3. Many were not really surprised by this fact. It is known that 2PM was one of the most popular boy groups of the 2nd generation. While they were active, they were breaking records in their country as well as overseas. Their songs happen to be some of the most covered boy group songs by other artists at the year-end shows and functions.

However, the mandatory enlistment of all South Korean men in the military, led to the group going on a temporary hiatus. With all of them being finally discharged last year, the boy group finally came back after five years. Their much-anticipated album, ‘MUST’ was well-received as fans and the general public were waiting for their new music forever. 2PM even broke their own sales record with this album.



With the release of the album in June and with the boys finally coming back to the K-pop scene with music show performances and variety shows, their brand reputation was bound to rise. Many noticed that the comeback period happens to be the time when a group’s reputation rises since all eyes are on them. Similarly, Seventeen’s brand reputation index increased getting them to No 2 due to the release of their album, ‘Your Choice'.

2PM was followed by EXO at No 4 and their labelmate, NCT, at No 5. Then we have SF9 at No 6 who caught the public’s eye due to their performances on the fierce survival show, ‘Kingdom’ followed by Stray Kids who won the show. Monsta X took the 8th place, followed by SHINee and TXT. 

The whole list including all 50 groups can be viewed here.


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 July brand reputation for K-pop boy groups sees an unsurprising jump for 2nd-gen boy group