BTS Jungkook's 'emo goth' look, Vmin and lime-haired RM stun ARMY in 'Permission to Dance'

BTS ensured a diverse music video where they also included an ASL sign for 'dance' when the chorus starts singing 'we don't need permission to dance'

                            BTS Jungkook's 'emo goth' look, Vmin and lime-haired RM stun ARMY in 'Permission to Dance'
BTS 'Permission to Dance' making ARMY swoon over Bangtan Boys (HYBE YouTube)

BTS has dropped the best ARMY Day gift for the global fandom. The Grammy-nominated music group released their latest offering 'Permission to Dance', co-written by British singer Ed Sheeran and the music video has mesmerized the fans portraying a world of hope where BTS declares, 'we don't need permission to dance.'

The very diverse and inclusive music video which shows people of various races, ages, and colors is the ultimate messenger of 'better days' for ARMY where BTS heartwarmingly comforts, "We don't need to worry/ 'Cause when we fall, we know how to land/ Don't need to talk the talk, just walk the walk tonight/ 'Cause we don't need permission to dance!"

Along with the thoughtfulness, BTS ARMY can't stop swooning over the stunning visuals of Bangtan Boys! 'Emo goth leather' look of Jungkook, Jimin, and V with kids capturing every ARMY heart, RM in lime yellow hair, Hobi's ethereal visuals with platinum blonde hair, Jin in a white shirt and blue denim, Yoongi stunning ARMY with a quirky blue hairstyle, there are a lot to unpack in the new music video.


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BTS for 'Permission to Dance' (HYBE YouTube)


'Emo Jungkook supremacy'

Right after the music video dropped, ARMY took to Twitter to emotionally process this cowboy era Jungkook donning the 'emo goth leather' look with a fringed jacket, short hair, looking dangerously gorgeous. A fan posted, "emo jungkook isn’t just a look. it’s a belief. a source of comfort. a source of hope. emo jungkook is eternal." Another excited Jungkook enthusiast posted, "the energy i will henceforth be manifesting is that of emo cowboy jungkook sashaying around a disco-themed laundromat with his tiddies out!" 





Speaking of Jungkook, ARMY declared, "you never stop being emo you just have a pause trying new things but you come back to it always its not a phase its a lifestyle i know it i was one i AM one it comes full circle this is a testimony emo jungkook supremacy!"



V and Jimin making ARMY have a meltdown (HYBE YouTube)



VMin with kids and Namjoon in lime yellow hair 

V and Jimin pass the purple balloon that signifies the end of the Covid era to kids at the end of the video and the heart-melting scene has made ARMY trend VMin worldwide. A fan tweeted, "how cruel do you have to be to give me a scene with vmin and kids like my heart won't break ILL CRY RN!" Another chimed in gushing, "this part made me cry vmin with kids one of the most adorable on mv and the way they look at the purple balloon the cutest photo im crying!"

VMin casually making ARMY cry in an adorable scene of 'Permission to Dance' (HYBE YouTube)






Speaking more on stunning aspects, Namjoon has been delivering one after the other stellar looks and his newest lime hair will definitely mark as the best of the best say ARMY. A fan spoke for all sharing, "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SLEEP WITH EMO COWBOY JUNGKOOK AND LIME GREEN NAMJOON IN MY HEAD?? DAMN IT BOYS, I HAVE WORK IN THE MORNING!!"



Diverse and inclusive 'Permission to Dance' music video getting praises (HYBE YouTube)


BTS includes ASL sign in 'Permission to Dance'

BTS ensured a diverse music video where they also included ASL sign for 'dance' when the chorus starts singing 'we don't need permission to dance.' Speaking of which, an ARMY commented, "BTS added ASL to choreo! The sign for “dance/dancing” is used. They always think of others like Deaf/HOH community and my heart melts by knowing this!" "Just realized they’re doing the sign for “dance” in ASL and it made me love them even more!', another fan tweeted. 





Speaking of how the message of inclusivity brings BTS closer to their diverse fandom, a fan divulged, "You’d be lying if you say you didn’t cry while watching #PermissiontoDance I really love how they included diversity in the music video, you can see people of different ages and race! It really shows #BTS is about being inclusive and spreading the good vibes! #BTSARMY!"



After 'Butter' ruling the Billboard Hot 100 chart for consecutive six weeks, first for any music act to achieve the feat, BTS ARMY is hopeful to make another new record with 'Permission to Dance'. Stream the music video below.