A.C.E praised by Apple Music's 'Chart Show' as K-pop group goes global with ‘Siren:Dawn’

A.C.E gets praised on an Apple Music radio show as they come back with 5th mini album 'Siren:Dawn'

                            A.C.E praised by Apple Music's 'Chart Show' as K-pop group goes global with ‘Siren:Dawn’
A.C.E featured on Apple Music show while promoting mini-album 'Siren:Dawn' (@official_ACE7/Twitter)

‘The Chart Show’ on Apple Music is a global radio show hosted by DJ Brooke Reese. The show focuses on music from around the world, keeps an eye on the charts and even interviews musicians. Their latest episode involved none other than K-pop group A.C.E, who recently came back with their 5th mini-album, ‘Siren:Dawn’, and its title track ‘Higher’.

2021 has been a good year for A.C.E, from collaborating with the likes of DJ Steve Aoki and Thutmose to their English single with electronic duo Grey. Their 5th mini-album was also much talked about as they released ethereal underwater concept photos that sent fans and non-fans into a frenzy. The album as well as ‘Higher's music video, which was released on June 23, was well-received as the boys went all out for it. 


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A.C.E (@official_ACE7/Twitter)

A.C.E on Apple Music radio

The whole mini-album was intense with one energetic track after another. ‘Higher’ happens to be a pop-rock fusion that would definitely be fun to listen to on the radio while driving one's car. And that is exactly what the Apple Music radio show probably had in mind.

'The Chart Show' introduced the K-Pop group to their listeners on July 8, where the host spoke highly of them and played A.C.E's music. Reese praised the K-pop boy group and stated that it's always fun to play A.C.E's music on the show. She also stated that since music itself is a universal language, it didn't matter what language was used in their songs and that it makes the listeners feel something.

How to listen

A.C.E also had a little surprise for listeners as they prepared a small voice letter that was played on the show thanking everyone for their support. Member Chan also took to social media to thank the host and the show for their kind words.

For those who want to listen to A.C.E's episode on demand, it's episode 162 and one can find it on Apple Music's website as well as their app. The timestamp for when A.C.E appears on the show is: 11:45 -17:00.

Their album also did well on the charts as they topped the iTunes Worldwide Album Chart as well as the Top Albums Chart in several countries. Along with the title track, other B-sides also entered in the top 10 of Top K-Pop Songs chart. And fans all over the world were touched and excited that the group was getting such recognition.

One fan tweeted, “Thank you for having my boys they are amazing and deserve the world!” Another tweeted, “OOOH YASSSSSS.” One tweeted, “Thank you TheChartShow for playing A.C.E’s HIGHER and their voice msg was sooo cute uwu.” Another tweeted, “let's go!!! legends a.c.e.”