Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon trends as 'Weekend' comeback tops charts

Girls' Generation's leader Taeyeon's promotional performances and interviews made fans realize how much they have missed her in the last few years

                            Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon trends as 'Weekend' comeback tops charts
Taeyeon for 'Weekend' (@taeyeon_ss/Instagram)

It has been a few years since Taeyeon promoted on music shows. Her latest digital single ‘Weekend’ marks her return with the K-pop idol finally promoting her comeback. While she’s known to be a digital 'monster', winning almost every time she has been nominated on music shows, she has not had a music show performance for the last couple of her singles. However, for 'Weekend,' we get to see her perform starting with Mnet’s 'M Countdown' on July 8.

Before the performance, she also had a quick interview with JaeJae on 'MMTG' where she spoke about ‘Weekend’, her past songs and how it was like to shoot them. She even reminisced about her time with her group, Girls’ Generation. When JaeJae asked for hints regarding the group’s reunion, Taeyeon obliged. While it isn’t confirmed, Girls’ Generation will try to come back together soon and she said that they’re all in contact with each other.

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MMTG Interview

Taeyeon recapped the time she won a ‘Daesang’ (Grand Prize) and her group members were all so excited that they ended up spamming their group chat. She also proved how much of a prankster she was as she acknowledged one running joke in the fandom. There was a time where she made a cute gesture to Seohyun. As they were across the road, fans couldn’t figure out what she was doing since a bus passed by. Taeyeon confirmed that the timing was on purpose so no one would know what she had done.

She also spoke about a ‘jinx’ she once believed -- according to her, whenever she didn’t like a particular song of hers, it would end up becoming a huge success. With the singer opening up and giving such cute trivia about herself, fans couldn’t help but notice how comfortable she felt during the interview and were excited when ‘Weekend’ topped the charts. The track as well as Taeyeon were trending at #1 on several Korean charts like Genie, Bugs and MelOn. 'Weekend' also ranked at #1 on iTunes in 14 countries as well as on China’s QQ Music chart.


M Countdown stage

Taeyeon also showed off her stage presence by having her first music stage on 'M Countdown'. Fans could see that she looked very happy and seemed to be enjoying herself and wished that she would get to perform more in the future. As a tribute to her, Mnet also had a vocal challenge where the artists promoting their own comebacks on the show took part in singing Taeyeon’s ‘If’. Some of the artists included were DAY6’s Young K and Wonpil, NCT Dream’s Haechan, SF9’s Inseong and (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon.

Fans took to Twitter to support Taeyeon's promotional activities. One fan tweeted, “6 YEARS….. AND WE FINALLY GOT ENDING FAIRY TAEYEON SHES SO CUTE.” Another tweeted, “This seriously feels like a dream after many following years we are able to see taeyeon come back on stage and finally perform..actual tears coming out she looks so happy.” One tweeted, “Now we know the real reason behind this taeyeon decided to pull on a prank and thought it be a good idea to do something cute while the bus passes by which will leave her fan-sites confused and not capture of what she’s doing.. this lil prankster.” One tweeted, “This choreo with the dancers pulling the tablecloth under taeyeon is so cute.”