S.Coups INJURED: Forced 'mini-hiatus' in middle of Seventeen comeback

Seventeen's leader S.Coups fell and hit his right shoulder and got cuts on his face on June 30 during a promotional event for the group's new single 'Ready to love'

                            S.Coups INJURED: Forced 'mini-hiatus' in middle of Seventeen comeback
Seventeen's S.Coups won't be part of the comeback promotions because of his injury (Seventeen Instagram)

Comebacks are the most important part of an album release in the K-pop industry as idols spend months preparing for this promotional period. From taking care of their appearance to practicing the choreography and the songs, idols and especially the leaders like Seventeen’s S.Coups go all out to make sure that the comeback runs smoothly. Fans also look forward to it as they finally get to see all the group members together, active on music shows as well as variety shows. This is exactly why Carats were excited for Seventeen’s ‘Ready to love’ as it was the group's comeback after 8 months. However, no one anticipated that S.Coups would have to take a step back during this crucial period.

Just a couple of days before the comeback, Pledis Entertainment announced that member The8 aka Minghao would not be participating in all the activities prepared as he had suffered an injury. While we did get to see him in the album showcase and certain stages, fans were disappointed that he would not be able to be present with all of his members. Additionally, Seventeen was suddenly put on a 10-day self-quarantine before they could participate in music shows. June 29th was supposed to be their last day before they could perform and meet their fans. But luck seemed in short supply.

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S.Coups’ injury

Pledis Entertainment suddenly dropped a statement that Seventeen’s leader, S.Coups had been in an accident and hence wouldn’t be able to participate in the comeback. He himself felt guilty for not being able to be there for his fans and posted a personal letter apologizing for this mini-hiatus. On June 30, while participating in an event, he fell and hit his right shoulder. He also got cuts on his face and immediately received medical treatment. Doctors suggested that he should not move his shoulder and step back from the promotional activities that have been lined up. 

Fans were alarmed and chastised him for apologizing, asking him to simply rest and recover soon. One put up the translated version of the statement, “ENG TRANSLATION omg please take care and get well soon scoups.” Another tweeted, “After one hurdle, they’ve been tested with another hurdle again. I really hope svt members won’t feel discouraged/pressured. And i hope our leader will take his time to fully recover & participate in their scheduled activities healthily. Stay healthy & fast recovery, Scoups.” 



Similarly, Carat Twitter was full of such supportive messages, “scoups ,Please take care of yourself. May you recover really soon. Don't worry. Don't be sorry. No matter how long it takes. We'll be right here waiting for you. Always.” Some resorted to memes to lighten the mood, “prayer circle: Super FAST recovery for  SCOUPS.” Another tweeted, “To our leader who bears so much responsibility, I want to say that everything will be ok, to rest & get better soon. There will be many more stages in the future but there is only one scoups and you are more important than anything else We love you & we will wait for you always”