Rapper Joe Budden called a RACIST for saying he hates BTS 'from China'!

Rapper Joe Budden called a RACIST for saying he hates BTS 'from China'!
Joe Budden assumes BTS is from China (@JoeBudden, @bts_bighit/Twitter)

It looks like we just might have to change a famous phrase to ‘hell hath no fury like an ARMY scorned’ as celebrities are bearing the brunt for crossing BTS. Due to the global K-pop group’s humble beginnings and the cyberbullying that they faced in their early days, ARMY (BTS’ fans) are extremely protective of them. In fact, in the last few days, they called for an Australian page to apologize for making a Covid-19 joke about BTS’ V and encouraging Asian hate. And in the last 24 hours, Grammy-winning producer Mike Dean was in trouble for trolling BTS. Well, now Joe Budden is the next to come under fire.

American rapper Joe Budden is known for his hit singles like ‘Pump It Up’ for the action film ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’. He also happens to have his own podcast and well, during the latest episode, he shared that he hated BTS. Budden was heard saying, "I hate them BTS n***as. Do I need a reason?...I don’t have to divulge my reason to you.” And while fans do not care who likes or hates BTS, the rapper landed himself in hot water due to his next remark which was deemed racist as he assumed BTS is from China.

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Joe Budden says he hates BTS

While his co-host asked what his reason for hating BTS was, Joe Budden went on to rant, “I don’t wanna hear that sh*t, I don’t wanna see them dance moves, I don’t wanna see you come down in the sky in a little umbrella. I don’t wanna see [you]...come from the audience and link up like Voltron and do all of the 98 Degrees moves…I know they big, I know it’s China.” When his co-host clarified that BTS was Korean, Budden joked, “I don’t want to see Korean-Sync,” making wordplay on the 90s boy band ‘N Sync.


‘Just say you are racist’

While ARMY decided to call out Joe Budden for his ignorant remarks, he claimed that he was having a “music conversation” and his words were taken out of context to seem “hateful”. However, fans are not having it as one ARMY tweeted, “I don't know why you are putting it in quotes because it WAS hateful, explain to me how this is a music conversation, they are just doing their thing and you have one sided beef, knock it off.” Another said that one could be respectful despite not liking someone, “If you don’t like their music it’s fine, but there’s a way to say stuff. saying “i don’t want to hear koreans sing” or shit like this isn’t just “music opinion”. you can dislike an artist or a group without completely shitting on them.”



Fans also made reaction memes like, “*Jungkook dropping down from the ceiling* joe budden:.” One fan observed, “Armys being ready to go to war with joe budden despite thinking he's the president of the united states is equal parts funny and impressive.” Another ARMY commented, “Just heard the Joe Budden podcast clip of him hating BTS. Just say you are racist and xenophobic, alot quicker than claiming you hate them but " don't need to have a reason". Shut the f**k up. They are more successful than you will ever be. Continue to be jealous.” One said, “Me watching the bts stans tear Joe Budden’s ass up:.” Another added, “Joe Budden just hates anyone more talented than him, which at this point in his life is basically everyone.”







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