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Why are ARMYs trending 'Apologize to BTS'? Outrage after V gets 'disgusting' Covid-19 edit

ARMYs demand an apology from TheProjectTV after they compared BTS V to Covid-19 mass spreader in a questionable edited clip from the 2022 Grammys
TheProjectTV edits BTS V's clip from Grammys 2022 to make it seem like he is a Covid-19 mass spreader (@bts_bighit/Twitter; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; @theprojecttv, @theprojecttv/Twitter)
TheProjectTV edits BTS V's clip from Grammys 2022 to make it seem like he is a Covid-19 mass spreader (@bts_bighit/Twitter; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; @theprojecttv, @theprojecttv/Twitter)

Fans of the K-pop boy band are angry again and this time it is for all the right reasons. The boy group BTS has faced a lot of atrocities during their time in South Korea before they shot to fame and have earned the respect that they are given all over the world. With that being said, Hollywood has not really understood where to draw the line when it comes to jokes about race, and culture which is why the Australian news-current affairs and talk show television panel program, The Project may learn it the tough way.

Members of BTS attended the 2022 Grammy Awards and even though the boy group did not snag a win at the show, they gained a lot of attention for their stellar performance as well as their insane interactions with international celebrities who according to fans, stood in line in order to take pictures with the septet. The Project released a video in which they talked about BTS members’ recent battle with Covid-19 ahead of their Las Vegas trip and mocked them using questionable editing that could be termed as Asian hate.


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The Project TV compares BTS members to Covid-19 spreaders

Back in January 2022, TV show host Jimmy Kimmel compared the power of BTS to Covid-19 and fans revolted calling him 'racist'. Now despite seeing the outcome of this untasteful comparison, Australia’s TheProject TV has again compared BTS members to Covid-19 which has triggered a lot of Asian fans of the boy group. With only members of BTS, who are from South Korea being paired with Covid-19, The Project took it a step further by comparing V (Taehyung) to someone who was a mass spreader.

In a video taken at the show, V was seen jamming to Justin Bieber performing on stage. The penultimate member of BTS held his hand in a fist in front of his mouth and danced to ‘Peaches’ which was being performed on the Grammy stage. The Project manipulated this clip and edited the video with graphics and sound for it to seem like V was coughing and the Covid-19 virus particles were out in the open in front of the BTS member. Fans state that the show had taken Asian hate too far and despite being in the year 2022, racism was highly prevalent in the west.


‘Stop comparing Asians to Covid-19’

Asking The Project TV to take down the video and apologize to BTS for their hateful actions, ARMYs have started trending ‘Apologize to BTS’ on Twitter as one fan said, “Disgustingly racist. They did it on purpose. There’s no way anyone in media in the big year of 2022 cannot understand the seriousness of making Covid 19 “jokes” about Asian. @theprojecttv needs to formally Apologize to BTS & hold their staff accountable #RespectBTS #StopAsianHate." One fan said, "THIS IS THE VIDEO THAT @theprojecttv TOOK DOWN. APOLOGIZE TO THE ASIAN COMMUNITY. APOLOGIZE TO BTS. THE NEXT TIME AN ASIAN GETS ATTACKED, IT’S ON YOUR ASS! @theprojecttv YOU LET THE WRONG PEOPLE RESPRESNT YOU. ABSOLUTELY APPALLING & UNACCEPTABLE!"

One fan said, "WTF huh? He was just happy and vibing to peaches song by Justin Bieber and @theprojecttv really took this amazing clip and edited it into the most disrespectful, racist and disgusting way...I mean WTF? APOLOGIZE TO BTS ND ESPECIALLY TO V!!!" One fan asked, "OKAY IM SORRY BUT WHAT IS THIS??????? Covid is not a joke or to be used for comedy THANK YOU VERY MUCH. This is just mad disrespectful to BTS or any other artists. This is so not cool #TheProjectTV." One fan said, "HOW DARE YOU!?! @theprojecttv @RufusDuSol Did your mothers not raise you right? You are disgusting, ignorant and pathetic human begins. #StopAsianHate #BTS_twt #RespectBTS APOLOGIZE TO BTS What pleasure did you get out of this huh?"