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Jamie Park gets glamorous with English single ‘Pity Party’, fans love ‘queen behavior’

'Pity Party' is the K-pop idol's second single in 2022 which immediately ranked #10 on Bugs Music Chart post release
Jamie Park releases an inspirational single titled 'Pity Party' (Warner Music Korea)
Jamie Park releases an inspirational single titled 'Pity Party' (Warner Music Korea)

Jamie aka Jimin Park is on a streak as she continues to release new content in the new year. We first had the inspirational ‘Wouldn’t Be Me’ in January 2022 as she showcased her authentic self and encouraged fans to be true to themselves. Having left her old label JYPE in 2019, Jamie is experimenting with new styles under her new record label Warner Music Korea since 2020. And her latest English single ‘Pity Party’ is a retro and energetic track that was released on February 3. 
Jamie’s ‘Pity Party’ is a fun disco-pop song with an addictive beat and a catchy chorus that is bound to make the listener vibe to it. She sings about “being in a situation that’s made her emotionally vulnerable.” And like her previous song ‘Wouldn’t Be Me’, Jamie hopes to continue her road to empowerment by ignoring the negativity. She shares the message of building one’s confidence by just having fun and having a pity party if that’s what one needs. The single immediately ranked #10 on Bugs Music Chart.

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Jamie gets inspirational with ‘Pity Party’

Jamie sings, “I’m feeling sad, I’m spiral falling all the way down, the only way is up UP” with the message of coming back stronger after facing any obstacles or challenges. ‘Pity Party’ is a relatable song especially in these tough times as she hopes to inspire those who are struggling. And along with the eclectic song that will lighten up any listener’s mood, we get a glamorous music video. It starts off with Jamie, dressed in a black shining gown as she lounges in a luxurious but abandoned banquet hall. 


Jamie’s ‘Pity Party’ has multiple meanings as it is about a scorned lover, as well as taking back one’s agency from the haters. In the music video, her haters are symbolized by the antagonist of the music video, the former lover dressed in white. Following her expressive performance, the man drinks an elixir that leads to him struggling to stay composed. The pity party turns into a celebration as Jamie wins over the man as she ends the music video by burning the hall and him in it, regaining her confidence and pride.


For the past few years, Jamie’s singles have had similar themes of empowerment and self-confidence. She had joined Korean-Japanese rapper Chanmina and collaborated on the remix of Saweetie and Doja Cat’s ‘Best Friend’. She had then participated in the collab ‘Family’ with David Guetta, Ty Dolla $ign and A Boogie Wit da Hoodie which dominated the charts. Her style has often been described as “chameleonic” as she adapts to any genre and concept she dabbles in.
Watch the glamorous music video for ‘Pity Party’


'Favorite drop in 2022'

Fans loved ‘Pity Party’ as one tweeted, “THIS IS SUCH A QUEEN BEHAVIOUR ! this is my favorite drop in 2022 from now.” Another posted, “Jamie deserves to perform pity party live i'm not speaking to anyone @Warner_Music_Kr we need that.” One fan said, “Pity Party is really a song that I love. Its brings out Jamie vocals in an uniquely amazing way. And the MV, I'm so happy seeing Jamie bringing out her potential in dancing and projects it a the cool and chic dancing choreography, she seems to be enjoying it a lot and so are we.” Fans were also shocked by the ending of the music video as it hints that she burned down the man, “Sis i think so…….. but we are not gonna talk about it.”