Ex-DAY6 star Jae Park slammed for 'weak' apology after calling Jamie a th*t

Jae Park shares that he meant to call his friend a 'baddie' and thought it was synonymous to 'th*t'

                            Ex-DAY6 star Jae Park slammed for 'weak' apology after calling Jamie a th*t
Jae Park and Jamie were friends as both were in the same agency in the past (@day6official/Twitter, @jiminxjamie/Instagram)

Jae Park has been in the news for a couple of weeks and for not-so-good reasons. He was first under fire for saying in jest that his former band DAY6 was ‘inauthentic’. He seems to have temporarily left DAY6 as they are going through their military enlistment era, while their label JYPE claims that he has left the band for good. And now, he is being attacked for calling his long-time friend and former labelmate Jamie aka Jimin Park a misogynist slur.

While chatting with fans, Jae Park said that since he had left K-pop he wanted to ask Jamie as to why her current image was that of a ‘th*t’, which is derogatory slang for a female who is promiscuous. The female idol was appalled, asking in a now-deleted tweet as to why he would even say such a word even if it was jokingly to a friend. Fans have also brought up the time Jamie was sexually harassed and so reprimanded Jae for such an insensitive comment. Half a day later, the ex-DAY6 member apologized on Twitter but fans are not having it.

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Jae Park apologizes to Jamie on Twitter

Jae Park stated that he made the comment in poor taste, felt terrible for making Jamie feel bad and thought that what he had done was just ‘friendly banter’. He claimed that he thought ‘th*t’ was synonymous with ‘baddie’ which usually means someone who is put together and independent. In the same live stream, he also asks what's the difference between 'baddie' and 'th*t' and thinks that it is the same. Fans feel the former DAY6 idol should have simply apologized and left it since his excuse has made him more of a target.




Fans brought out the loopholes in his argument and claimed that he was lying for not knowing what the slur actually meant since he is American, knows fluent English, spends his time on the Internet, and uses urban slang all the time. Fans feel that since he knew he shouldn’t have said it when he was in the K-pop industry, laughed after he said it, taunted fans to go and complain to Jamie and jokingly asked her not to send lawyers, meant that he knew what the slur meant. Fans also brought up another moment in the live-stream where he talked about ‘th*t shaming’ and got defensive when someone else in the past called him a ‘th*t’.


'You literally lied'

Angry fans made tweets like, “How is your sid the sloth looking racist, homophobic, transphobic ass going to sit there and come for jamie? speak into the mic Jae instead of lying in a weak ass notes app apology.” Another posted, “Okay so you literally lied straight out of your f**king teeth. at approximately 15 seconds you said "th*t shaming" which means you knew exactly what you were talking about. stop making up bullshit excuses and own up to your s**t.” One added, “Circling back to this bulls**t... If you thought that baddie was synonymous to th*t, why would you wait to leave kpop to say it? The math isn't mathing.”

Another user brought back the time someone else called Jae the slur, “Funny how that works.” One shared, “You're 30, fluent in english, you spend time on twitch and twitter but you don't know what the word "th*t" means?? youre not fooling anyone.” Another user pointed out, “Friendly banter and u proceeded to laugh like a NASTY misogynistic man and then said “thats right! i said it! tell her!” ur disgusting you clearly meant what u said dont make up bulls**t now.”








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