Ex-DAY6 star Jae Park forgiven for misogynistic slur? Fans want a friend like Jamie

Jamie had previously been shocked when Jae called her a 'thot'

                            Ex-DAY6 star Jae Park forgiven for misogynistic slur? Fans want a friend like Jamie
Jamie and Jae were labelmates, hosted variety shows together and are close friends (@arirangworld/Twitter)

In the first week of January 2022, former DAY6 member Jae Park was in the news for several reasons. He first announced that he would be temporarily taking a hiatus from DAY6 while his agency JYPE claimed that he had left the band. This followed his Instagram Live rant where he told his cyberbullies that they had ‘won’. But fans turned on him when he called his group ‘inauthentic’ and used a misogynistic slur for his long-time friend Jamie aka Jimin Park. 

The ex-DAY6 star had gone live on Twitch on January 9 and at one point joked that since he had left K-pop, he wanted to ask Jamie why her latest image was that of a ‘thot’. Jae Park later apologized on his social media and Twitch by claiming that he thought it was synonymous with the urban slang ‘baddie’ and did not know that it was derogatory slang for a promiscuous woman. However, Jamie was seemingly hurt as she said in a now-deleted tweet that she couldn’t fathom why someone would use such a slur.

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Jamie forgives Jae Park

After apologizing, Jae Park shared that Jamie makes similar remarks because they are extremely close and the former DAY6 idol did not use the slur with the intention of hurting her. While fans did not believe him since he is an American, fluent in English and is constantly on social media to know enough of urban slang, Jamie seems to have forgiven him. On January 20, Jamie came online on Twitter and shared that they had patched up and jokingly said that if he did it again she would smack him.


She tweeted, “Jae came by the other day we had a talk he apologized for his words and mistake.If anyone knows about Jae as a friend or close person you would know he wasn't meaning that as what he said. He promised me he would use his words wisely and I appreciate it. Out of all the mistakes. Just a wakeup call for Jae and for his future I do really want him to go for the right direction , and as a friend I wanted him to know this is something he needs to rethink and put in action. I told him everything about how I felt and he felt awful about it.”


While she has been sexually harassed online in the past which is why she was hurt by Jae's comment, she hoped that fans would understand her decision, “So for everyone and all the fans who also got hurt, he wanted to let me and you guys he will never make a mistake or even a joke about something that is very serious. That's what friends are for right?”


'Queen behavior'

Fans ended up trending Jamie as they were surprised by her magnanimous gesture. One My Day tweeted, “Jae you are so lucky to have Jamie as your friend.” However, one fan pointed out, “Jamie is a great friend and I'm glad they were able to work it out. But this doesn't automatically set things back to the way they were. As she said this was a wake up call. Once you get a wake up call that's when you start and put in the time and work to change things.”

Another posted, “I wish we all have a friend like Jamie who tell us when we do wrong, tell us what's the other would feel, tell us a different point of view and embrace us to be a better person.” One shared, “I feel like everyone deserves a friend like jamie ;-; someone who actually wants to sit down & tell us when we’re wrong. who’s not afraid of giving us life lessons, but also forgives. as for me… i pray that i can be as kind as jamie :’) queen behaviour indeed.”

Another fan added, “Jae and her have been friends for years it's her decision on whether she wants to forgive him or not and it's also our decision on whether we want to forgive him. So don't ask why she's giving him another chance it's not a decision we should question.” One My Day commented, “The world needs more understanding people like jamie who will call out your friends ass when they f*ck up and help and make them understand their mistakes and still stand by them.” Another said, “What a friend, Jamie. Hope you are healed. That's also a reminder that parasocial relationship =/= friendship so you don't have to do the same. That's why tweets like "If she can, why can't we?" are really insensitive. Hope Jae changes and hope that we start to set boundaries.”








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