Ex-Day6 member Jae dubbed 'DISGUSTING' for calling 15&'s Jamie a 'th*t' on live stream

'Now that I am not in K-pop anymore, I could say this — why [is] Jamie trying to be a th*t?' Jae Park said in the live stream video

                            Ex-Day6 member Jae dubbed 'DISGUSTING' for calling 15&'s Jamie a 'th*t' on live stream
Jae and Jamie are known to be close friends who have often goofed around with each other (Instagram)

While Jae Park might have garnered a lot of support and solidarity from K-pop fans after his decision to quit boy band Day6, it appears he has landed himself in controversy already. Barely days after his shocking exit, Jae interacted with his fans in a live stream video, where he had some really questionable opinions about his good friend and fellow K-Pop star Jamie aka Jimin Park. A video clip has gone viral on social media where the former Day6 member can be heard calling Jamie a 'th*t' — a derogatory term used to 'slut-shame' someone. 

Jae was bashed by almost the entirety of K-pop Twitter after his video surfaced, where he appears to be saying, "Now that I am not in K-pop anymore, I could say this — why [is] Jamie trying to be a th*t?" Jae breaks into a burst of hysterical laughter immediately afterward, and ends the 22-second clip saying, "That's right, I said it! Tell her!" Jamie and Jae are believed to be close friends who often appear on YouTube shows and podcasts together. However, the context of Jae's shocking comment is unclear as Jamie has also not addressed the issue so far. 


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Jamie, whose real name is Park Ji-Min (not to be confused with the BTS member of the same name), is a K-Pop singer and TV host, who was previously a part of vocal duo 15&. The 24-year-old was working with JYP Entertainment in the past, the same agency as Jae Park. She quit the agency in April 2020 and joined Warner Music Korea.

Jamie and Jae are known to be close friends and their goofy acts together are not unknown to fans. Perhaps this is why many of their fans are all the more confused about Jae's latest comment. Nevertheless, fans called out Jae for his insensitive and offensive remark and expressed their support for Jamie. 

"I find this so disrespectful Jae degrading someone he calls a “friend” does he even know what a “th*t” means? Also doing it while he’s live streaming in front of strangers nah that ain’t right I hope Jamie checks him big time," a fan tweeted. 

Another fan pointed out, "what makes it even worse is that he claims to love jamie as a little sister but shes literally expressed her feelings out to the public that she doesnt like being sexualized, and then jae goes and calls her that... and he probably thinks us talking about it is funny to... gross."

A third fan shared, "jae's comment towards jamie was uncalled for. i don't care if they're friends or not. for you to joke around about a woman being a th*t when she's opened up about her experiences of being sexualized as a woman, you shouldn't even think to make such comments. that's so icky dude."

"you know jae’s comment gets more sickening and disgusting when learn that jamie has publicly shared about how much she getting sexualized when she became being more open about herself, body, and sexuality. she would get harassment/inappropriate dms and unprovoked d!ck pics," another fan reminded. 





Meanwhile, a few of Jae stans defended his comment by sharing an extended version of the video, where he can be seen equating the term 'th*t' to 'baddie' and claiming that he and Jamie joke around with each other all the time. "[MORE CONTEXT] Former Day6 member Jae misworded himself on his livestream and thought baddie and thot are the same word. Jae adds says Jamie makes the same remarks to him," tweeted a Jae stan.

Another noted, "Jae calling Jamie a th*t was gross like maybe it’s an inside joke but at least do it with her there or something when your audience don’t know the full context."



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