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James Corden slammed for pelvic thrusts during 'Cinderella' promotion on LA streets

'I would sue James Corden for emotional damages,' one user wrote 
Apart from the notorious hip thrusts, James Corden took a hit from a blunt in the midst of a street performance
(Twitter/ @_BlueAnt)
Apart from the notorious hip thrusts, James Corden took a hit from a blunt in the midst of a street performance (Twitter/ @_BlueAnt)

James Corden has been trending on Twitter ever since he took promotion activities for his upcoming musical a step too far. Along with the rest of the cast of his upcoming movie 'Cinderella', Corden put up a public performance in the middle of the road, making an audience out of a traffic stop.

Not only did he dance and take a hit from a blunt in the midst of the street performance, but he also did some pelvic thrusts that had many people on social media dragging him. 

The 43-year-old actor was promoting the movie 'Cinderella' alongside Camila Cabello, Idina Menzel and Billy Porter in Los Angeles on Friday, August 27, just a week ahead of the premiere. As he danced along with the group, he took a drag from a blunt and was cheered on by his costars. However, that is not what got much of Twitter talking - it was his pelvic thrusts that left many people with second-hand embarrassment. It is safe to say that many people on social media did not care about mincing their words when calling out the 'The Late Late Show with James Corden' host. 


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Dressed in a giant mouse costume featuring an attached tail and a hood with large earpieces on its sides, Corden sported a pair of white sneakers. In the midst of the performance, he seemingly took a drag from a stranger's blunt during their song-and-dance number. On social media, some people from the (traffic) audience literally slammed him for thrusting in their face. 

"What did you do to deserve James Corden hip thrusting at you," one user wrote with a sad face emoji. Another wrote, "If james corden dick thrusted in front of my face i would’ve called the authorities"



"Imagine having a terrible day and then on ur way home ur forced to watch camila cabello and james corden dance right in front of u..this would sent me over the edge," one user wrote, not even sparing Cabello. Another wrote, "If james corden danced in front of my car and did that dance i would literally run him over"



"If james corden hip thrusted in fromt of me i wouldve stepped on the gas," another user wrote about the hip thrusts. To which another replied, "I would've been your witness saying he threw himself at your car." Another traumatized user wrote, "If james corden ever dick thrust in my face then I'd actually hang myself". "I would sue James Corden for emotional damages," one user wrote. Another took a jab, "'Sorry I was 3 hours late to work. James Corden was dry humping the air in a rat costume on the street and held up traffic'."

"The way he is constantly being forced down our throats… make it go away," one user criticized him.