James Corden brags to Prince Harry he's a BTS Army member, ecstatic fans say 'I love this man'

When Prince Harry talks about serving in the Army, Corden boasts that he too served as a member of the BTS Army

                            James Corden brags to Prince Harry he's a BTS Army member, ecstatic fans say 'I love this man'
James Corden showed his support for BTS in front of Prince Harry (Getty Images)

James Corden posted a video of him boasting about being a fan of BTS in front of Prince Harry and BTS Army is loving the support. The video is captioned, “Not sure that counts, James!” In the video, a man hosting an obstacle game for Corden and Prince Harry says, "Welcome to a military style obstacle course we got laid out for you today. Prince Harry I hear you’ve got some army experience, that right?" To this Prince Harry replies, "Yep." The host then asks Corden, "James? Yourself?" Corden then says, "Yep ahem I’m very much a member of the BTS Army." Fans of the K-pop band hailed Corden as an official member of the BTS Army after this hilarious video. 

Currently, BTS Army is raging against the alleged ‘racist’ remarks made by a German radio show host who went to speak of the Grammy-nominated K-pop group in an insensitive manner. The radio host, Matthias Matuschik, almost consistently called the band a 'shitty' virus like Covid-19 and added that "hopefully there would be a vaccination against it soon". Fans said that the opinions made about the band can't be passed as personal opinions, which is what the radio station touted the show as. BTS fans are now calling Corden’s video an act of solidarity. Check out the video here.


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Is James Corden really a BTS fan?

The late show host James Corden has been always vocal about his love for BTS. From introducing the group for TIME 2020’s Entertainer of the Year Award to hosting them in his late show a number of times, Corden has been certified as a BTS fan. His BTS Army membership just got solidified after he spoke about the group in front of Prince Harry, as a result, the fun video received a lot of love from BTS fandom.

Corden speaks to BTS about their first Grammy performance (James Corden YouTube)

A fan said, “Lmfao surely bts army gets a count!” Another said, “that counts!!! armys are in war everyday so yeah, that definitely counts, james!!! we gotchu!” A BTS fan thanked him for sharing a light-hearted video saying, “My heart's a bit heavy because of the things I read the moment I woke up earlier. This made me smile :) thanks!” Another approved him of being an ARMY stating, “You know he's an Army for life when…” referring to the video.

One fan said, "We've reached that point in mainstream pop-culture where James Corden casually mentions BTS & ARMY in front of Prince Harry in a TV show. My 2017 ARMY ass is in disbelief." One said, "Proud bts army, I love this man."








See James Corden and Prince Harry's entire interaction here. 


BTS recently had their first-ever MTV Unplugged performance stage where their unforgettable never-heard-before rendition of ‘Blue and Grey’, ‘Telepathy’ along with Coldplay’s cover ‘Fix You’ earned the Grammy-nominated group praises from all around the world. BTS took the Unplugged stage to another level with their Billboard Hot 100 topper tracks ‘Life Goes On’ and ‘Dynamite’. Revisit the performances below.



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