'Should've gone home': 'American Idol' fans slam Marybeth Byrd for slow rendition of ABBA song

'Should've gone home': 'American Idol' fans slam Marybeth Byrd for slow rendition of ABBA song
Marybeth Byrd performed ABBA's pop song 'Dancing Queen' (ABC/Eric McCandless)

BRENTWOOD, CALIFORNIA: 'American Idol' Season 21 viewers bid adieu to Nusta and Lucy Love whom the judges saved last week. The remaining Top 10 most-voted contestants will vie in the upcoming episode of the singing competition.

Marybeth Byrd added a slow spin to ABBA's classic pop song 'Dancing Queen' during 'Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame' night. Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie complimented Marybeth's performance. Meanwhile, the viewers dubbed Marybeth's rendition 'abysmal'.


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Marybeth Byrd gives her own spin to 'Dancing Queen'

Marybeth received praise from her mentor Adam Lambert. Season 8 alum said, "Her choices are really solid." Adam gives Marybeth some tips on being confident on stage. Marybeth confessed to Adam, "I'm constantly overthinking!" Marybeth further noted that she wanted to channel 'whatever the heck Adam has.' Marybeth took the risk and performed her own version of 'Dancing Queen'. Luke said, "I love how you made that you. You didn't overdo anything. Great job." Lionel added, "You just delivered the goods." Meanwhile, Katy noted, "You're really glam now! You landed that song like a real queen."

'That was so beyond boring'

Marybeth's performance was seemingly not liked much by the viewers. Social media users slammed Marybeth over her 'slow' rendition. A Twitter user wrote, "Great, now let's hear Marybeth destroying an ABBA song. Lord help us. And the band sucks tonight too." Another follower said, "Marybeth Byrd should not be in this competition after that performance man." "They need some better song choices on AI. Marybeth should be channeling Stevie Nicks...not Abba," suggested another person.


Another critic added, "Also the girl who ruined dancing queen should've gone home over Nutsa." Another Instagram user commented, "MaryBeth BETTER go home. IDK who the second one will be." Another 'American Idol' viewer questioned, "How in the world did Marybeth get saved. she’s a nice girl but her performance tonight was abysmal." Another user wrote, "I usually like Marybeth Byrd but that was so unimpressive :/ That was so beyond boring and just so plain."







'American Idol' Season 21 airs every Sunday and Monday at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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 Internet questions Marybeth Byrd's spot in Top 10, dubs her ABBA's song rendition 'abysmal'