'I Love A Mama's Boy': Emily says women should stay at home and not work, shocks fans

'Emily just set us back 100 years. As a woman, she’s excommunicated from the community,' wrote a fan

                            'I Love A Mama's Boy': Emily says women should stay at home and not work, shocks fans
'I Love A Mama's Boy' stars Shekeb and Emily (TLC)

After watching the recently aired episode of 'I Love A Mama's Boy', fans couldn't help but wonder if Shekeb Sekander's mother Laila was right about Emily Chu all along! Laila received a lot of flak on the first season of the TLC show for being extremely unwelcome toward her son's girlfriend Emily. Laila went out of her way to give Emily a hard time and kept accusing her of trying to steal Shekeb away from her.

Although it was clear that Laila disliked Emily and was convinced that she wasn't the right girl for Shekeb, Laila never revealed her reasons behind her strong dislike. On the latest episode, Laila finally explained her reasons for being against her son dating Emily. She shared how Emily was using her son to live a certain lifestyle and would exploit him for money. Just as we were about to brush off Laila's opinion as another one of her paranoia about losing her son, Emily's opinion on women and work left fans shocked.


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During a date with Shekeb, Emily and he were discussing their future and marriage. Shekeb pointed out that since Emily began working she too should contribute towards their wedding and household expenses. Emily was taken aback by Shekeb's suggestion and pointed out that she believed a woman's place is at home and not at work. She elaborated on her views by pointing out how her mother was a stay-at-home mom and she loved that and wants to be the same. 

She then quickly corrected herself by saying that she's a mother to her dogs and doesn't want children anytime soon. She also made it very clear that she was expecting Shekeb to fund her fantasy lifestyle and wouldn't be chipping in at all. Shekeb was shocked on hearing Emily's views about working and tried explaining to her that women in his family have always worked and that marriages were like a team between husband and a wife. But Emily didn't care and continued to insist on just sitting at home after their marriage and look after her dogs.

Prior to this, Emily also demanded Shekeb to buy her a $40,000 engagement ring. When Shekeb hinted at the ring being out of his budget, she insisted that she deserved the ring and that if he truly loved her he would find a way to get her that ring. She joked in her confessional that Shekeb could sell a kidney or look into financing options to buy her the ring. After watching this side of Emily, fans were shocked. 

'I Love A Mama's Boy star' Emily Chu (TLC)


A fan tweeted, "Okay, I felt so bad for Emily last season, and now I'm like wow...Laila has some super powers the way she saw through that girl like that #ILoveAMamasBoy." Another fan wrote, "Emily got me truly confused cuz ain’t no way. Laila was right about her #iloveamamasboy." "Everyone, how did none of us including Shekeb not see this? Laila was right (for the most part) about Emily. #iloveamamasboy," added a fan.




'I Love A Mama's Boy' star Laila (TLC)


Fans also slammed Emily for her dates views on women and work. A fan shared, "Emily just set us back 100 years. As a woman, she’s excommunicated from the community . #iloveamamasboy." "Emily is wrong about a woman’s place being at home!! This is the 21st century, where women work in many different jobs! #iloveamamasboy ," seconded a fan. "I think Emily is confused about having a husband… what she needs is a sugar daddy lmfao #iloveamamasboy," pointed out a fan.




'I Love A Mama's Boy' Season 2 airs every Sunday at 10/9c on TLC. 

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