'I Love a Mama's Boy': Is Shekeb most hated on the show? Fans slam him for saying 'my mom's my everything'

Shekeb drew flak for choosing his mother over what Emily has wanted and planned for them - to live together and share a roof

                            'I Love a Mama's Boy': Is Shekeb most hated on the show? Fans slam him for saying 'my mom's my everything'
Laila, Shekeb, Emily (TLC)

'I Love a Mama's Boy' Season 1 concluded on a bittersweet note. While Matt McAdams popped the question to Kimberly Cobb, Mike Boornazian said yes to moving to Los Angeles with Stephanie Ressler, Emily Chu walked away from the love of her life Shekeb Sekander after he clearly chose his mother, Laila, over her. 

The couple has had long and hard discussions about Shekeb moving out of Laila's house, but he just wasn't able to bring it up in a conversation with his mother. It was hard for her because he has been used to living with her and making such a drastic move would hurt her to no end. But Emily was not convinced and wanted Shekeb to take a call on it. 

To soften the blow, Shekeb planned to spend a day with Laila at a restaurant. He was chatting with her when Emily arrived and Laila was immediately disappointed that Shekeb would invite her over. "You are ruining my day with my son. Please go, bye," Laila said while Emily stood her ground, said that she wasn't going to go away without having Shekeb say what he has been meaning to say. Unfortunately, he couldn't gather the courage to do so and Emily had to step in to save the day. But Laila told her in clear terms that he will live with his mother forever. To ease the situation, Shekeb asked Emily if Laila could be allowed a month's time to process the information, which prompted the latter to walk out leaving Shekeb wondering if he was disowned by his mother. 

But the drama didn't end there. Emily was visibly upset with what went down between the three of them and even she walked out on him saying that he doesn't have what it takes to consider any matter seriously while giving him an ultimatum of sorts that their relationship will not work unless he mans up and convinces his mother that he will be moving out no matter what. 

"It was hard babe. I have a different kind of culture," he pointed out while Emily said they were done. Later, Shekeb, in his confessional, said Emily should have given it another shot because moving out was a big deal for him and that he expected her to understand that. "My mom is my everything," he concluded. 

Meanwhile, fans cannot stop calling him out for choosing Laila over Emily. 

"My ex reminded me so much of Shekeb. He barely mentioned me to his mom, he never gave me a direct answer about the future, about wanting to get more serious, move in, get engaged, etc. He constantly made me feel sick. I'm with a man now for over 2 years and we have big plans," a fan commented, while another tweeted: "Shekeb, have your Mom clean your shirt. Emily deserves better than all this nonsense. You’ll regret this in the future for sure, you let a good one get away #iloveamamasboy."





"Shekeb - just say it, just say it DUDE GROW SOME BALLS. You should have been man enough to tell your mom you are moving out not have Emily do it. #iloveamamasboy," another expressed. "I'm glad Emily put her foot down and walked out on Shekeb. Apparently she has more balls than little boy Shekeb. In this case, it's not a cultural issue. It's a co-dependancy issue between Shekeb and Layla, an unnatural dependency between mother and son!! #iloveamamasboy," a fan expressed. 






'I Love a Mama's Boy' Season 1 finale aired on December 13, Sunday. 

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