'I Love A Mama's Boy': Laila threatens to die if Shekeb leaves, fans feel she should go to a 'mental facility'

Shekeb puts his foot down and finally stands up for Emily in front of his mother Laila

                            'I Love A Mama's Boy': Laila threatens to die if Shekeb leaves, fans feel she should go to a 'mental facility'

Shekeb and Emily are in love, but the only thing coming in between their relationship is his mother, Laila. Shekeb and Laila have always been close, but things are getting awkward as Emily is now part of his life. Even though Shekeb loves Emily, Laila is finding it hard to welcome her to the family. She has made it clear that Shekeb will not marry Emily even though the pair have been dating for nearly three years and still going strong. In a bid to win Laila, Emily decided to be there for her birthday. She got her a nice gift and a birthday cake, but that was not enough for Laila to fall in love with Emily. 

Things turned out to be dramatic when Laila accused Emily of poisoning her with the cake. Seeing this side of his mother shocked Shekeb. He asked her to pay attention to how she was treating his girlfriend. After seeing his mother was not making an effort to welcome Emily, Shebe decided to storm out of the celebration.

He asked Emily to come along and made it clear that his mother needed to treat her better. Despite this, Laila did not seem impressed. She asked Shekeb not to go while threatening to die if he were to leave. Shekeb decided to leave anyway as he was not happy with how Laila was behaving. He asked to be ashamed of herself as she portrayed a behavior that he did not expect. Shekeb's father tried to mend the relationship by calling him home. However, Shekeb decided to take a stand and not let his girlfriend be treated that way. Seeing Laila's behavior on the show, fans were shocked and were quick to react to this.

"Laila needs to be committed to a mental facility," read one comment. "Laila doesn’t have any reason to be that rude to Emily. Emily is trying so hard to be nice to Laila. The only person who is ruining their own birthday is Laila herself," read another comment. "F**king cry the crocodile tears, Laila. Emily doesn’t deserve that shit, being nice to you despite how much shit you do to her," wrote another user. "Laila is being unreal. I feel so bad for how awful she treats Emily. This is so hurtful to watch," said another user. 






'I Love A Mama's Boy' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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