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'I Love A Mama's Boy': Laila interrupts Shekeb and Emily's date night, fans call her 'master manipulator'

Shekeb decides to take Emily our for a date, but it does not go well after Laila tells him she is not feeling well
Laila, Shekeb and Emily (TLC)
Laila, Shekeb and Emily (TLC)

Shekeb and Emily have been dating each other for nearly two years and things have been going well for them. However, one problem that they face is Shekeb's mother Laila, to who he is extremely close. While Shekeb has wanted his mother and girlfriend to get along, things have not been easy for them. 

In the previous episode, Shekeb had opened up about spending half of his Valentine's Day with his mother while the other half with his girlfriend. While it might look strange to many, Shekeb thought it was the best way to keep the women in his life happy. However, this time, Shekeb decided to try things differently. Instead of spending time separately, he thought it would be a good idea to take Emily and his mother together. The trio decided to go rock climbing, but that did not go well. Emily was upset to find out Laila was going to join them on Valentine's Day, a day that Emily believes should be shared between a boyfriend and a girlfriend.

Laila made it clear she would not be leaving any time soon. During their outing, Laila hinted she had a problem with what Emily was wearing. However, Emily tried to question her hatred towards her despite knowing that Shekeb and she had been together for nearly two years. Laila made it clear that Shekeb and Emily's relationship would not last. 

Even though she did not give any reason, it seemed convincing that Laila would make sure Shekeb does not end up with Emily. Things became awkward between them when Shekeb requested to go for dinner alone with Emily. At this point, Laila posed Shekeb with a question and asked him to answer who he loved more. 

Shekeb made it clear that he would always care for his mother but justified his love for Emily by stating she was his girlfriend. Even though Laila allowed them to go alone, it wasn't long before she called Shekeb and back home. Laila stated she was hurt and needed Shekeb by his side.


Emily admitted this was not the first time something like this had happened. Seeing this behavior, fans were quick to react. "If I were Emily, that would’ve been the last time Shekeb ever saw me," read one comment. 



Another wrote. "Really Shekeb, you leave your girlfriend in a restaurant because your master manipulator of a mother hurt her leg? I bet she'll be sitting on the couch with that same leg crossed watching tv when he walks through the door." Another said, "Shekeb your mom doesn’t like Emily, if you can’t leave your mom for her and move out then it’s better to leave Emily, find someone else who your mom can accept."

'I Love A Mama's Boy' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC.