'I Love A Mama's Boy': Is Emily and Shekeb's relationship fake? Fans wonder as they learn he is an actor

Emily and Shekeb's relationship is being seen in a new light as some digging into Shekeb's identity brought up the fact that he is an actor

                            'I Love A Mama's Boy': Is Emily and Shekeb's relationship fake? Fans wonder as they learn he is an actor
Emily and Shekeb (TLC)

'I Love A Mama's Boy' shocked fans as they were surprised to see the unusual mother-son relationship. The show follows the stories of four couples and how the girlfriends were trying to gain acceptance from their boyfriend's mothers. One such couple was Emily and Shekeb. The pair had been dating for three years and looked forward to moving in together. However, one thing that was holding their relationship back was Shekeb's mother, Laila. Shekeb and Laila have been close for a long time. Laila was not happy to find out Shekeb was dating a Korean girl. 

She made it clear that Emily was not accepted into the family and insisted they should call off their relationship. However, Shekeb seemed persistent on how he wanted the two women in his life to get along. He even tried to set up a dinner with both of them together in the hope that things would get better. However, things took a turn for the worse when Laila decided to invite another woman, who she thinks Shekeb should marry, to the dinner. She literally set him on a blind date with Emily present. The scene left everyone shocked and many found it hard to believe it was true. Shekeb surely made his displeasure known and Emily was taken aback by Laila's behavior. Viewers were quick to take it to social media and reflect on the scene. Some wondered if the scene was fake. 

Fans have been having many questions about their relationship as some of the scenes were hard for them to believe. In a Reddit thread shared by one of the fans, viewers wondered if Shekeb and Emily's entire relationship was fake and made up for the camera. The thread claimed Shekeb is an actor that and both of them do not have any pictures of each other on social media. 

Since the pair has been together for three years, fans found it hard to believe that there was not a single picture of them together apart from the TLC promotional pictures. Meanwhile, since Shekeb is an actor, fans seemed to confirm he was acting on the show and his relationship was not real. "Same thing with Emily. Her IG only has pics of her dog before the TLC ads," one user wrote. "It has to be fake, right? This mom/son is (imo) the worst of the entire Smothered/Mamas Boy franchise, this cannot possibly be real!" wrote another. 

"It’s obviously fake to me. He looks like he’s acting. Emily isn’t a good actor as well. Always with the confused looks and comments. The father just sits there like a dope and smiles? Come on TLC at least make it believable. You take it too far and it becomes just a parody," read another comment. 

'I Love A Mama's Boy' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC. 

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