Hyuna and Dawn 'last hope' of love for fans after Heechul and Momo's shocking breakup

Hyuna and Dawn 'last hope' of love for fans after Heechul and Momo's shocking breakup
Heechul and Momo have split while K-pop fans pin their hopes on Hyuna and Dawn (@kimheenim, @hyunah_aa/Instagram)

Unlike the West, where celebrities are relatively free to date whoever they want and release the news however they want, the K-pop industry is much stricter. From companies putting a no-dating policy in place to fandoms reacting harshly, it is very rare for idols to open up about who they’re dating. In fact, even the long-lasting couple, Hyuna and Dawn faced some kind of backlash from unexpected places when they announced that they were dating.

While other Korean celebrities like actors are congratulated unanimously and are allowed to date and marry whoever they want, idols have to be more careful. News agencies go out of their way to find idols who might be dating as they label it as the next big “scandal”. Super Junior’s Heechul and TWICE’s Momo had to get ahead of the game and were forced to announce their relationship personally to still maintain some autonomy. However, with them breaking up, fans are turning to Hyuna and Dawn for some solace.

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Last hope for love

It is visible that K-pop idols do not have much time for themselves as they’re mostly busy with their schedules. This is exactly why Heechul and Momo broke up. Unfortunately, they had been one of the very few idol couples around and people found them endearing. It looked like the two idols were good together and with them breaking up, fans were disheartened. To find some ray of light among such desolate news, netizens turned to Hyuna and Dawn who have, till now, stood the test of time.

Hyuna and Dawn’s relationship hasn’t been all rosy. From being thrown out of their agency, to having to start anew, as well as, having people comment on their unconventional appearances, the couple has gone through a lot. But that is exactly why they’re still going strong as many have dubbed them the ‘power couple of K-pop’. And they’re not shy of professing their love to each other on numerous occasions. As a matter of fact, hours before Momo and Heechul’s breakup news, the Internet was going gaga over Hyuna and Dawn’s latest matching tattoos.



Matching tats

The two got tattoos on their hands which when brought together spell the word ‘LIFE’. If that isn’t adorable we don’t know what is. And a month ago, on Hyuna’s 30th birthday, the two celebrated it together and wore white outfits that made them look like a married couple. With moments like this versus the sad news of the other couple, fans went on Twitter calling Hyuna and Dawn their last hope for love.

One fan tweeted, “I swear, hyuna and dawn are now my only last hope and if they broke up I WILL NEVER BELIEVE IN LOVE AGAIN.” Another tweeted, “HYUNA AND DAWN AINT BREAK UP , SILENCEEEEE !! THEY ARE MY LAST HOPE IN LOVE.” One pointed out how cute the couple are together, “Thinking about these specific clips of this Dazed Korea video shoot of Hyuna and DAWN.” Another tweeted, “Dawn and Hyuna, the last couple who made me believe in love. Don't dare to bother their peace, imma fight with anyone who'll try to ruin them.”








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