Are HyunA and DAWN married? K-pop stars cozy up in white outfits sparking wedding rumors

The duo looked adorable in all-white matching ensembles as they celebrated Hyuna’s 30th birthday with much gusto

                            Are HyunA and DAWN married? K-pop stars cozy up in white outfits sparking wedding rumors
Dawn and HyunA in all-white matching ensembles (Instagram @hyunah_aa)

K-pop singers Hyuna and Dawn are always in the news whether it is about their music or their long-lasting relationship. The much-in-love duo was again trending on the Internet over the weekend after Hyuna shared multiple pictures of hers with her soul mate Dawn on her official Instagram account.

The duo looked adorable in all-white matching ensembles as they celebrated Hyuna’s 30th birthday with much gusto. They clicked several cozy pictures as the love between the two was clearly visible. However, looking at the pictures of the couple, many social media users speculated that Hyuna and Dawn got married as they thronged to Twitter to curb their curiosity.

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Did Hyuna and Dawn really get married?

Hyuna and Dawn first went public with their relationship in 2016 and since they have been together for so long, a potential marriage only seemed reasonable to the majority of social media users. However, the duo was only celebrating Hyuna’s 30th birthday. She also shared a lengthy Instagram post along with the romantic pictures where she expressed her gratitude to her fans, her friends, her staff, and of course, to Dawn.  

She stated, “With a live stream with the fans, a surprise party, and letters, this day has been amazing. I don't know how many times did I cry and laugh. I am filled with emotions that can't be described in words. It's incredible how much love and support I have been receiving. Thank you for always loving me and cheering on me." The ‘I'm Not Cool’ crooner continued, “And my unnies, oppas, friends, and staff who have been spending more time with me than my family does...Words can't explain how much happiness you give me. I was the happiest person in the world today. And lastly, dear Dawn, I'm very happy that we are always together. I love you.”  She had also shared an Instagram post of her birthday cake which read, “Hyuna Happy Birthday. Welcome, 30.”


How did Hyuna and Dawn first meet? 

Hyuna, a former member of one of the most successful K-pop girl groups 4minute grew close to Dawn, a former member of K-pop group Pentagon while working on a subunit Triple H. Hyuna appeared in a variety show ‘Knowing Brows’ and candidly spoke about her "one-sided" feelings first to trainee E’Dawn. She revealed that she had a crush on Dawn who was a trainee under Cube Entertainment and she came to like him after noticing similar traits. “It was me… This is so embarrassing, but it was me who liked him first. I waited a year and a half for him”, she said in the show, KoreaBoo reported.   


‘Someone needs to clarify’

As soon as the pictures of Hyuna and Dawn made it to Instagram, their fans stormed Twitter to know whether they got married in real or not. One user stated, “Honestly i hope Hyuna and Dawn do get married one day and live happy together forever. they deserve it.” One tweeted, “Im just saying,,, i wouldn’t be surprised if hyuna and Dawn are newlyweds” while another added, “Someone needs to clarify to me if Hyuna and dawn actually got married .”
The next one posted, “I feel like Korean stars should learn from Hyuna and Dawn. How sweet they are. How brave they are. Everyone deserves love. People live because of love. I can’t understand why some fans can’t accept their stars to date in Korea. selfish people.” Another added, “Can’t believe the tl made me think hyuna and dawn got married and then i check insta and they just wore white to hyunas bday party.” Meanwhile, another noted, “Also, HYUNA AND DAWN GOT MARRIED NO F**KING WAY.” One user concluded, “Oh my god did hyuna and dawn get married —- what do the Instagram pics MEAN?”









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