BTS 'Permission To Dance' teaser: Were 2022 tour locations revealed? Cowboy V makes ARMY go bonkers

The comeback track which is co-written by 'Bad Habits' crooner Ed Sheeran will usher in the 'post-Covid era' hints teaser

                            BTS 'Permission To Dance' teaser: Were 2022 tour locations revealed? Cowboy V makes ARMY go bonkers
BTS teases 2022 post-Covid era plans (HYBE YouTube)

BTS' new bop 'Permission To Dance' will have a music video. The latest teaser of the upcoming MV has made ARMY go into an absolute tizzy. The comeback track which is co-written by 'Bad Habits' crooner Ed Sheeran will usher the post-Covid era. The Grammy-nominated music act promises, ''PURPLE BALLOONS SIGNAL THE END OF COVID-19.'

The music video teaser also revealed a major clue about BTS' 2022 plans, giving a sneak peek of their 'possible tour locations' for the coming year. For the video, Bangtan Boys channeled the '20s cowboy look with hats, fringed denim, bandanas, leather boots, and more. 'Permission to Dance', all set to drop on July 9 aka ARMY day, will be BTS' sequel track for the 'Butter' era after the former track reigned the Billboard Hot 100 chart for six consecutive weeks, marking a new historical feat for any music group to achieve.


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BTS in their 'cowboy' fits coming to reign the music charts on July 9 (HYBE YouTube)

Teaser reveals 2022 tour locations?

'Permission to Dance', BTS' official invitation to the post-Covid era, will likely tease ARMY with yet another surprise. The MV could disclose a few locations for their next world tour says ARMY  who have watched the 33-second teaser. Platinum-haired J-hope points to a street signboard where ARMY spots possible concert venues like Seoul, London, San Fransisco, Moscow, Egypt, Berlin, Kenya, and Paris. With BTS ready to make their way in the post-Covid world, ARMY believes this can be a major hint for their plans next year.

BTS reveals possible plans for post-Covid era (HYBE YouTube)

'Cowboy Taehyung' is here to end ARMY

BTS Taehyung's cowboy fit has made ARMY weak in knees as they can't get enough of V aka Kim Taehyung flirting with the camera in ripped denim, boots, a dramatic belt, and a cowboy hat. A fan gushed, "the hat, the ripped jeans,the shoes,the accessories, that belt,that scarf….HELLOOOO???!!! Cowboy Taehyung is lowkey killing me!! help-!" Another ARMY stated for all, sharing "We are getting cowboy taehyung in this era, can’t wait for the #PermissiontoDance MV to drop!" A cheesy tweet of a Kim Taehyung fan read, "I need permission to breathe bcz you are the end of me, cowboy Taehyung!"

Cowboy fit of Kim Taehyung makes ARMY go weak in knees (HYBE YouTube)




'Permission to Dance' will truly be a beginning of a new era as a fan posted the messages from the music video teaser, “Our Life Goes On” “2022 The Beginning of a New Era” “BYE Let’s Not Meet Again (Covid 19)” “We All Worked Together To Overcome It. Nothing Could Stop Us” “Purple Balloons Signal The End of Covid-19!"


BTS is ready to usher in 2022, 'THE BEGINNING OF A NEW ERA' (HYBE YouTube)

Right after BTS' new teaser for 'Permission to Dance', Billboard Hot 100 also revealed the latest chart data which shows 'Butter' to be at number one for six weeks straight. An ARMY summarized this new 'Butter'/ 'PTD' era saying, "On one hand @BTS_twt released the teaser of #PermissiontoDance and on the other hand #BTS_Butter got No.1for the 6th week on billboard..... #Butter6thNo1OnHot100 no need to take permission to dance... #BTSArmy are dancing for the celebration.....#BTS!" 


Will BTS ARMY break the monumental record of 'Butter' yet again with 'Permission to Dance'? July 9, better known as ARMY Day will reveal! Meanwhile, stream 'Permission to Dance' teaser below.


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