HyunA denies 'bullying' allegations in letter, wishes accuser happiness: 'I never slapped or beat up anyone'

'The point is, I have never slapped or beat up anyone. I hope many happy things come to the person who wrote that post,' HyunA wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption

                            HyunA denies 'bullying' allegations in letter, wishes accuser happiness: 'I never slapped or beat up anyone'
South Korean singer HyunA shared an Instagram post to shut down her accuser (hyunah_aa Instagram)

A recent scandal has broken out involving South Korean singer HyunA. An alleged victim posted an accusation aimed at the singer on an online community board with the title, "HyunA I thought you'd be the first one to reach out to me. Aren't you also a school bully?" The accuser calls her out in a lengthy message, citing physical abuse with details about a particular incident that occurred in school.


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Kim Hyun-A attends the Rebecca Minkoff fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015 at The Pavilion at Lincoln Center on September 5, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week)

They claim that HyunA slapped her and her two friends' faces, became famous, and forgot about her actions: "I thought you would contact me. Do you not remember or are you pretending not to remember or are you only thinking it internally? Maybe it’s because you debuted at such an early age. All your evidence has disappeared. It’s only nowadays that we have things like Cyworld, Instagram, KakaoTalk, but you debuted so early and all your pictures from Buddy Buddy were gone as soon as you debuted as Wonder Girls."

"I still remember it. It was during a festival in the fifth grade. You called me and my friends out to the place we called the ‘back street’ and told us that you never thought of us as friends and that you would come and find us if we didn’t come out. As soon as we came, you slapped all three of our faces. I remember you took off their glasses and threw it, saying that it was uncomfortable for you to slap them. The reason why I never revealed any of this is because there isn’t any evidence and I thought that no one would believe me."

HyunA's response

Shortly after HyunA's agency P Nation said they would look into the matter, HyunA shared a lengthy letter to address her accuser and shut down the claims. On her Instagram, the singer began, "It has been over a decade, well actually, 14 years since my debut," as translated and shared by Allkpop.

She continued, "Whenever I received negative attention, I was sometimes angry because I am a person too. I tried to let it slide because I chose to chase my dream. Or I tried to understand because this is also a form of attention. Because it is entirely possible they just don't like me. But I don't want to let my fans, who have been supporting me on stage and on screen, get hurt for no reason. Now that I'm thirty years old, I will open up for the first time."

Hyun-A of 4minute arrives for the 24th Seoul Music Awards at the Olympic Park on January 22, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

HyunA then goes on to explain that she never had a normal childhood because her career dated back to when she was eight: "I debuted when I was around 15 and I am grateful that I received so much love and support from a young age. I want to continue learning and sharing those warm hearts as I have been doing so far. Further, there are more to the story but I really missed out on a good portion of my childhood days because I started acting when I was 8 and began training for my idol debut when I was 12 in 5th grade. I had to catch a bus to the label right after school and I even thought my childhood memories were robbed back then."

In conclusion, the singer noted, "The point is, I have never slapped or beat up anyone. I hope many happy things come to the person who wrote that post."


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