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HYBE's TXT announces collaboration with Enhypen, curious fans say 'it's a win-win'

Enhypen’s next album will see a feature from the one member of the group’s senior group and labelmate, TXT
Labelmates Enhypen and TXT announce that one member of TXT will appear on Enhypen's new album (@ENHYPEN_JP/Twitter)
Labelmates Enhypen and TXT announce that one member of TXT will appear on Enhypen's new album (@ENHYPEN_JP/Twitter)

On September 7, the boy band Tomorrow X Together (well known as TXT) appeared on the late-night radio show, ‘All Night Japan’ hosted by Jay and Niki of the boy group Enhypen. TXT’s Taehyun and Huening Kai appeared as guests on the late-night Japanese radio show. The members of the group Enypen is currently hosting the program every Monday while the DJs of the day were Jay and Niki. The episode was presumably pre-recorded before Jay and Niki tested positive for Covid-19 earlier this month.

The broadcast saw sunbae-hoobae (senior-junior in Korean) relationship between the four boys who interacted on various topics. Near the end of the broadcast, the two TXT members shared that they were happy to be on the show with Enhypen and that they would soon be releasing their first Japanese mini-album, ‘Chaotic Wonderland’ on November 10.


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Members from TXT talk about their new Japanese album in a Japanese radio show with members of Enhypen (@TXT_bighit_jp/Twitter)

Enhypen teases TXT’s feature on their album

After this, the host of the show and member of Enhypen, Niki also shared, “TXT has participated in Enhypen’s new album,” and Taehyun elaborated, “Someone amongst the members participated in it.” Huening Kai and Jay mention that the fans must be very curious, but they have to wait to find out because they can’t say any more yet.

As both the groups are under BTS’ parent label, HYBE fans of all groups in the label are always excited to see cross-group interaction amongst the members. This news has also left fans wondering what kind of collaboration this will be.


Enhypen comeback postponed?

Enhypen was slated to make a September comeback. However, because members Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, and as of September 6, Niki have tested positive for Covid-19, the members were relocated to treatment facilities while there also may be a possibility that the comeback will be pushed back.

TXT has just made a comeback on August 17, while their second full-length repackaged album, 'Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape' has been loved by fans immensely charting a lot of their songs on various charts. Their November 10 release will have one new song, including the songs from the album 'Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape', 'Zero by One Love Song (0X1=LOVESONG)' and 'Exchange Diary (Dubaddu Wariwari)'. Their Japanese mini-album will release as an Extended Play containing a total of four songs.

Taehyun and Huening Kai members TXT promote their first Japanese album, 'Chaotic Wonderland' (@TXT_bighit_jp/Twitter)

‘We can’t wait’

Fans of both groups are rather excited by this revelation. One fan said, “Enhypen and txt collab!! wee can’t wait.” Another fan said, “OMG TXT PARTICIPATED IN ENHYPEN'S NEXT ALBUM????? TXTENHA COLLAB?” One more fan said, “NO CUZ TXT PARTICIPATED???? LIKE COLLAB??? OR WRITING/COMPOSING PARTICIPATION ON ENHYPEN'S ALBUM??? OK EITHER WAY GOOD 4 OUR BOYS! WIN-WIN YOU KNOW.”

One fan pointed, “ONE MEMBER from txt participated in enhypen's new album! i wonder if it's a singing collab, for writing lyrics or composing omg.” One fan said, “No way txt contributed to enhypen's album!!!! TXTENHA COLLAB IS REALLY HAPPENING.” One more fan said, “so one of the txt members contributed in enhypen’s upcoming album but we’ll have to wait and see to find out whether it’s a song collab or whether they participated in the song production. either one of these would be amazing, i can’t wait.”