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TXT ‘Loser = Lover’: 'Dizzy' fans call emotional roller coaster music video a 'masterpiece'

‘Loser = Lover’ music video featured all the members dealing with different issues with MOAs as their viewers or partner during hard times
UPDATED AUG 17, 2021
TXT for 'Loser=Lover' (TXT/
TXT for 'Loser=Lover' (TXT/

The K-Pop boy band TXT has always been one to blow fans away with the concepts of their songs. In their last album, the boys moved away from their childlike innocence where they talked about dreams in the collection ‘The Dream Chapter’. Moving on into adulthood with their newest work — ‘The Chaos Chapter’, TXT tries to shed light on the struggles of a young adult and how chaotic their lives can be.

For the album, we saw two different concepts put forward by the boys. The first concept was ‘Fight’ where the boys were seen at a skate park, skateboarding, showing off their youthful loverboy charm. The second concept was ‘Escape’ where the boys are seen inside a department store that does not look all that real, where the boys are seen browsing through items that are shiny and sparkly, that look more or less like it were a dream.


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TXT for 'Loser=Lover' (TXT/

About ‘Loser = Lover’

TXT’s ‘The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape’ was released on August 17 at 6 PM KST (5 AM ET). The title track, ‘Loser = Lover’ is a new addition to the repackaged version of the album ‘The Chaos Chapter: Freeze.’ The music video of the song saw the boys in five different scenarios that have blown fans away. It is also commendable that the boys have put in so much effort to talk about sensitive topics like child abuse or workplace abuse. With the song, they have tried to give the concept of being a ‘loser’ a new meaning.

On being asked about their constant comparison to their labelmates, BTS, Yeonjun said, "We have always felt great pressure from the views of some people that we only 'succeeded' because of our company and because of BTS. It's rather true that we found success within the bounds that is our agency; however, we are doing our best at each moment to overcome that pressure. Rather than avoiding it, we believe that if we continue to put in our efforts, we will be able to show everyone a genuine, good image and good music, even if it takes a long time. It may be rocky, but our method is to fight at our own pace."

TXT members in the concept photos for their new album. Left, concept - Fight. Right, concept - Escape (TXT/

Music Video

The music video is highly sensitive and could be triggering to some viewers but with this TXT has put themselves out in the market as powerful artists. In the song, we see that Yeonjun is someone who has run away from his house with his ‘lover’ who is none other than MOA (TXT fans). With this, he is seen portraying the first part of modern youth, rebellion. Soobin on the other hand is on a date with his ‘lover’ who again is MOA and he is being looked down upon by the restaurant staff — being looked at as if he were a ‘loser’ for being out with a significant other and having fun. He shows another part of youth, mischief. We see Beomgyu live streaming to his fans, his lovers, MOAs when his father abruptly enters the room and physically assaults him in front of his fans which causes him to break down. With this, he portrayed another part of youth — being told he could not chase his dreams.

Taehyun is seen skateboarding at a skate park with his ‘lover’ watching him be a loser as he fails to hold his balance. He portrayed the part of being embarrassed in front of one’s significant other which is another important part of youth. Finally, we also see Huening Kai as a part-timer at a restaurant see his ‘lover’ and co-worker be abused at the workplace. He fights against this oppression showing another part of modern youth — fighting back.

Watch the music video below:



One fan tweeted, "A MASTERPIECE I SAY. THE VISUALS. THE VOCALS. THE THEME. ANOTHER MASTERPIECE FROM TXT." another fan said, "TXT DOESN'T HAVE ANY BAD SONG UP TO THIS DAY I FEAR." A third fan said, "Why no one is talking about how they tried to make the ending not TOO dark with the pastel colors...... like wtf the ending is depressing as fck?"

One more fan said, "This is a masterpiece. I’m so emotional rn. This is by far one of the best songs txt has ever made. I’m so proud of them. Their hard work always pays off." another said, "TXT went full Thelma & Louise at the end! This is a movie from 1991 where two friends escape their lives, end up turning into criminals and eventually decide to escape the police by driving off a cliff!" while another said, "So basically, Yeonjun had runaway due to fam issues, Beomgyu was mistreated by his father, Taehyun got inj*red from skating, Hueningkai possibly k-word their boss for (hurting YOU) and Soobin for who knows what happen to him.... wtf my head is so dizzy."