TXT appears on 'Showterview with Jessi', MOAs go crazy as they call it 'best episode ever'

Jessi talked to the members of TXT at the HYBE building in an interview about their new project

                            TXT appears on 'Showterview with Jessi', MOAs go crazy as they call it 'best episode ever'
The members of TXT join Jessi for the 63rd episode of 'Showterview with Jessi' (@jessishow_official/Instagram)

TXT made a comeback on August 17 with their new album ‘The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape’. This album is a repackaging of their previous album ‘Freeze’ which was the first from their ‘The Chaos Chapter’ series. TXT released the album with a music video for their title track ‘Loser=Lover’ that has since its release, charted on several charts making it one of TXT’s most successful comeback songs.

Jessica Ho or Jessi is a rapper, singer, and songwriter under Psy’s label, P Nation. She premiered her new talk show, ‘Jessi’s Showterview’ or ‘Showterview with Jessi’ on SBS’s YouTube Channel. On the show, there have been a wide range of Korean artists like Sunmi, Tiffany Young, Kim Jong Kook, Park Joon, Yoo Jae Suk, and many more. 

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Jessi in the HYBE Building

For the 63rd episode of the show, Jessi welcomed TXT members to their own dance practice room as she joined the boys for an interview at the HYBE Building. Unlike the previous episodes of the show, this episode was not shot at SBS’ studio but in TXT’s dance practice room in the HYBE building. Jessi joked saying how this will be the only time she gets to enter the building as HYBE is very particular about outsiders entering their premises. She laughed as she said, “It took me 30 minutes to get in.”

Once Jessi introduced her guests for the day, the members of TXT joined in and here fans got to see the bond between Jessi and TXT’s Soobin who is also MBC’s Music Bank’s MC. Jessi began the conversation and was introduced to each of the members. She was rather surprised on learning that Huening Kai, the maknae (youngest) of TXT was a 2002 liner. She quickly joked that she would have to be very careful about what she says during the episode. After this Jessi recorded short messages from each member for MOAs.


TXT quizzes Jessi

During their interaction, Jessi asked TXT about their band name, Tomorrow by Together, and what it meant, who came up with the name of the band, who picked the titles of the songs, and many other questions. The boys answered, “Bang PD nim” for each of the questions which made Jessi and the boys crack up. Next, the members of TXT wanted to challenge Jessi to a guessing game. They posed a few questions to Jessie.

Beomgyu messed around with Jessi when she had to guess which song title was not by TXT. He made up a fake line from the title that wasn’t their song which led the audience to laugh a lot. Jessi was dumbstruck to find out she was failing at the quiz. The boys next talked about their new song ‘Loser=Lover’ as they performed a part for Jessi.

Watch all this and more from the episode here,


MOAs invite Jessi to the fandom

One fan pointed, “JESSI'S REACTION WHEN SHE FOUND OUT TYUNNING WAS BORN IN 2002.” while another said, “JESSI FALLING IN LOVE WITH TAEHYUN’S VISUAL !!!” One MOA said, “jessi traumatised by beomgyu's lies LMAOOO.” Jessi passed the MOA vibe check as TXT passed hers. One fan noticed, “JESSI BEING FOND OVER TXT CAUSE THEY TALK BACK TO HER??!!?”

A fan said, “Jessi prepared a cute cake to congratulate txt’s comeback.” One fan noticed, “Jessi saying fck covid and beomgyu putting that as they should!!” another fan said, “Full clip of jessi making them guess “watermelon” while yeonjun and soobin malfunction.” One called it the best 'Showterview' so far.