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'Protect Black Engenes' trends over ENHYPEN Heeseung's N-word row as HYBE warns of legal action

HYBE's label Belift Lab avoided addressing ENHYPEN Heeseung's N-word controversy and many fans started trending #PROTECTBLACKENGENES
ENHYPEN's Heeseung is accused of singing the N-word (ENHYPEN Instagram)
ENHYPEN's Heeseung is accused of singing the N-word (ENHYPEN Instagram)

Just a couple of days ago, ENHYPEN’s Heeseung landed himself in hot water as some believed that he had said the N-word while singing to SZA’s 'Love Galore'. People were torn. Some asked for him to be held accountable while others believed that he had actually not said the word. Many believed that it was the work of trolls to drag down the group and started trending the hashtag #PROTECTENHYPEN. Others said that they should wait till HYBE's label Belift Lab releases a statement. However, the statement released by Belift led to a different kind of protest and it set #PROTECTBLACKENGENES trending.

Some fans expected that Belift would clarify the situation and let everyone know whether Heeseung actually said it or not. If the ENHYPEN member did say the word, many expected that Belift would educate the idol on the topic and apologize. Previously, idols who had appropriated or done something insensitive apologized and took the responsibility for their actions. Engenes expected Heeseung to do the same if he was guilty. Belift's main company, HYBE has also mentioned many times that they would be fair and respectful of their global fans. Unfortunately, their decision on the matter was not something that fans expected.


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Belift’s statement leads to #PROTECTBLACKENGENES

Instead of clarifying on the matter, Belift deflected the topic. They released a statement saying that they would take legal action against those who were taking part in “malicious activities”. Engenes were shocked at the statement. Racism towards POC and Black fans still exists and they believed that it wasn’t something that should have been disregarded by the company. As trolls targeted Black fans for being too “sensitive”, many other fans took to Twitter to trend #PROTECTBLACKENGENES, showing their fury and asking Belift to acknowledge the controversy. Many believed that it would ruin the rookie group’s reputation and added that it would have been better if the company had actually clarified the matter. 

On the release of Belift's statement, one fan tweeted, “Hybe/belift is actually unbelievable for this they're literally enabling more racists to hate on black people instead of apologizing or clarifying truly the down fall of enha.” Another explained why Black fans were angry in the first place, “Music should not be this deep to the point where black fans are given hate for everything they do. If you choose this kpop stuff over decent human morals and principles, then you need to revaluate everything you stand for. #PROTECTBLACKENGENES.” Meanwhile, some are still urging Belift to take the appropriate action, “We are urging @BELIFTLAB to take appropriate steps to resolve the issue regarding the alleged usage of a slur on EP. 4 of Enhypen’s EN-CORE, and to take prompt action to safeguard ENGENES against malicious & racist posts circulating on Weverse.” Another fan elaborated as to why Belift should address the matter, “engenes please email belift for a statement at ( ) we have to try.”





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