'Hospital Playlist' Season 2: Is Seok-hyeon falling for Min-ha? Episode 5 hints at a date

'Hospital Playlist' Season 2: Is Seok-hyeon falling for Min-ha? Episode 5 hints at a date
Kim Dae-myung as Seok-hyeon and Ahn Eun-jin as Min-ha in 'Hospital Playlist' (Instagram/ hospitalplaylist_official)

Season 2 of 'Hospital Playlist' promised to get into the personal lives of our favorite Yulje doctors and so far, the series has most certainly delivered. Out of the lot, the most endearing romance, without a doubt, is that of Seok-hyeon and Min-ha's (Ahn Eun-jin). Season 2 has seen interesting development in Seok-hyeon's love life, with the return of Sin-hye (Park Ji-yeon), his ex-wife. While fans have seen them interact, this episode went into what went wrong between the two and why they ended up getting divorced.  

'Hospital Playlist' follows the lives of doctors Lee Ik-jun (Cho Jung-seok), Ahn Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok), Kim Jun-wan (Jung Kyoung-ho), Yang Seok-hyeon (Kim Dae-myung), and Chae Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-do) as they navigate through work, relationships and friendships.


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Seok-hyeon's mother mentioned that not only did Sin-hye come with no dowry, but she also used Seok-hyeon's money to study abroad. Moreover, she allegedly stole a diamond ring that she had given her. Later in the episode, we see Seok-hyeon address this story while talking to Song-hwa.


After attending a delivery, where a husband rushed to his wife's side to tell her he loved her instead of holding his new baby, Seok-hyeon began to think that maybe marriage isn't so bad, but it's not for him. He explains that getting along with his mother has always been difficult and Sin-hye tried at the start.



But he noticed that she was depressed and he suggested that she study abroad while he would pay for it. When his mother found out, she began harassing her family. Their marriage finally ended when he did see Sin-hye steal the ring, but he didn't address it, seeing that he's always considered himself to be a coward.

Song-hwa reminds him that while he should've done more then, he can still find love and that he should start by talking more to people he trusts. Seok-hyeon has a habit of only speaking when needed and Song-hwa points out that maybe that is the issue. She reminds him to just talk for the sake of talking because the people close to him might want to listen. It's at this very minute that Min-ha calls and Seok-hyeon applies Song-hwa's advice, proving that although he has rejected Min-ha's advances, he thinks of her as someone close.


Seeing this change in his behavior, Min-ha does get a little courage and declares that she will ask him out five times. Seok-hyeon makes it clear that he will say no but doesn't stop her from asking him. He rejects her advances when she asks him out for a movie, but as he leaves, he reminds her that she has four more tries to go, leaving her slightly confused about how he feels.

Even though Seok-hyeon said he'll say no, what do you think? Is Seok-hyeon developing feelings for Min-ha? Will these two finally become a couple? Sound off in the comments below!


New episodes of 'Hospital Playlist' Season 2 can be streamed on Netflix on Thursdays. 

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 'Hospital Playlist' Season 2 Episode 4 Seok-hyeon falling for Min-ha