'Hospital Playlist' Episode 5: Song-hwa might have cancer, Go Ara introduced as Cho Jung-seok's ex-girlfriend

'Hospital Playlist' Episode 5: Song-hwa might have cancer, Go Ara introduced as Cho Jung-seok's ex-girlfriend
A still from 'Hospital Playlist' (tvN)

'Hospital Playlist' episode 5 reveals a shocking detail about Chae Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-do) and Lee Ik-jun (Cho Jung-seok), while it adds more conflict in Yeong Seok-hyeon's (Kim Dae-myun) life in the form of his father's mistress.

Ahn Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok), on the other hand, is trying his best to convince his mother to let him go study to be a priest in Italy. Kim Jun-wan finally asks Ik-jun's sister out on a date and the episode also introduces actor Go Ara as herself in the show. She appears in a guest role of Ik-jun's ex-girlfriend from when he was doing his fourth-year residency. 

The episode sees Ik-jun, Jeong-won, Seok-hyeon and Song-hwa have important high moments in the hospital -- when the patients they treated get cured -- as well as face different conflicts. Turns out Seok-hyeon's father, who cheated on his mother and has a mistress, has now gone a step further and helped the CEO of a company fake a liver donor as his son to circumvent laws surrounding organ donation; this gets found out by none other than Ik-jun, who helps the hospital bring the incident to light. 

After this incident, Seok-hyeon is contacted by the mistress, who comes over to his hospital and tries to convince him to get his mother to agree for divorce. When he refuses to do her bid, the mistress warns him about his mother's condition and threatens how she can further aggravate it. Seok-hyeon is left to ponder for a solution.  

Then we have Ik-jun, who hears about his ex-girlfriend Go Ara from his sister and how she has become a beautiful woman in the field of entertainment. Go Ara plays herself, and from the looks of it, she stars in a guest role. He ends up meeting her again in the hospital when she comes to admit her father for general surgery. Will they pick up where they left off and begin dating again, or will Go Ara help Ik-jun realize who he really likes?

A still of Go Ara in 'Hospital Playlist'. (tvN)

Jeong-won is still trying to convince his mother to let him train as a priest in Italy, however, she is not ready to let her only son who hasn't become a priest to follow in the footsteps of his elder brother.

While all of them are dealing with this, Song-hwa seems to have realized that she might have a medical condition. She self inspects her chest and finds a lump, and upon checking with a doctor, she realizes that the signs are not good at all. In fact, the doctor asks her to get a biopsy performed right away. 

What is surprising though is the fact the Song-hwa decided to keep something as big as this to herself. She doesn't even confide in her close friends at the hospital regarding it, but instead faces it all alone. If the test confirms her doubts, it wouldn't take too long for her friends to realize what is wrong with her; after all, they are doctors too. What is left to be seen is if Song-hwa's lies will be found by her friends in time? 

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