'Hospital Playlist' Episode 10: Will Gyeo-wool be able to convince Jeong-won to leave the idea of priesthood?

We see Lee Ik-jun and Gyeo-wool form a plan to show Jeong-won that he does actually like Gyeo-wool

                            'Hospital Playlist' Episode 10: Will Gyeo-wool be able to convince Jeong-won to leave the idea of priesthood?
Gyeo-wool and Jeong-won (tvN)

'Hospital Playlist' Episode 10 sees a big development in Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok) and Gyeo-wool's (Shin Hyun-bin) love story. The latter had been open about her romantic interest in him from the beginning, especially among other residents and Jeong-won's friend Lee Ik-jun (Cho Jung-seok). In fact, when it comes to giving Gyeo-wool the confidence to even approach Jeong-won the first time, Ik-jun played a big role. This week's episode sees Ik-jun continue to play cupid between the two of them, even by going to the extent of telling Gyeo-wool to continue to act as if she was dating the man who was dropping her in a different car every day. 

Technically, that man is Gyeo-wool's younger brother who is doing Gyeo-wool a favor by dropping her at her hospital. He also gives her a bouquet of red roses and hypes up her dating life among other doctors and Jeong-won happens to be one of them. While Jeong-won might not be in love with Gyeo-wool, it is clear from his actions that he is definitely interested in her. From the way he addresses her to working with her in the pediatric department, a lot about his behavior has changed.

Gyeo-wool in 'Hospital Playlist' Episode 10 (tvN)

Ik-jun especially realizes this more than anybody else. It is creepy how Ik-jun seems to know his friends inside out. This is how he manages to get under Jeong-won's skin this week by telling him not to commit the same mistake that he had committed earlier and to consider his life carefully before making decisions that would alter his life as he knows it. For instance, while he Ik-jun understands why his friend is interested in becoming a priest, that may not be everything that he had expected. Ik-jun seems quite invested in Gyeo-wool's life and Jeong-won too realizes his keen interest. When he asks why Ik-jun is playing a matchmaker, Ik-jun tells his friend how impressive Gyeo-wool really is. He also tells Jeong-won that he wants his resident to find happiness with his friend and it is an adorably awkward moment between two friends.

While Jeong-won is left to ponder if he really is on the right path, Ik-jun and Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-do) haven't made much progress. There is something about the two of them having a meal together every time it rains and we would really love to know the story. However, until then, we can only swoon over his surprising confession of interest. For instance, in this episode, Ik-jun's son U-ju's nanny is on leave and so he has to take care of his son. However, he gets an emergency call from the hospital and at the same time, U-ju also gets a fever. He ends up calling Song-hwa to come and look after U-ju. After he takes care of the patient and returns home, he sees Song-hwa curled up with his son and his interest in Song-hwa is clear for everyone to see.

After she wakes up, the two grab breakfast together, and again, it is raining. At this point, Ik-jun tells Song-hwa that the one thing he does in his life solely for himself is to grab a meal with Song-hwa followed by a cup of coffee. It is super romantic and Song-hwa thinks so too because she ends up avoiding looking at him. At this point, all we can do is ask when the two will get together and make fans happy. 

Jun-wan and Ik-sun in 'Hospital Playlist' (tvN)

While Ik-jun and Jeong-won's love life may be looking up, Jun-wan (Jung Kyoung-ho) is clearly struggling with his relationship with Ik-sun (Kwak Sun-young). He learns from Chi-yong that Ik-sun has got the offer to do her post-graduate studies in England. This would mean that the two of them would have to stay apart. The distance might not kill their relationship, but Jun-wan has been serious about this relationship since the beginning so he finds it hard to deal with all of this. Yet, he decides to give it a chance.