'Hospital Playlist' Episode 11 Review: Song-hwa wants to leave Seoul after Ik-jun admits he loves her

The lead characters in 'Hospital Playlist' are all faced with some important questions that will lead their lives in different directions

                            'Hospital Playlist' Episode 11 Review: Song-hwa wants to leave Seoul after Ik-jun admits he loves her
Ik-jun and Song-hwa (tvN)

'Hospital Playlist' Episode 11 sees the five friends face crossroads in their individual lives. Chae Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-do), Lee Ik-jun (Cho Jung-seok), Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok), Jun-wan (Jung Kyoung-ho) and Seok-hyun (Kim Dae-myung) each have a very important decision to make in their life but where will this decision lead them?

The most shocking thing about the episode was first, Ik-jun confessing his feelings about Song-hwa after all this time. Secondly, Seok-hyun's father, who was admitted in hospital after an emergency, passed away and while all his friends believe that this will be the end of Seok-hyun's mother's suffering because of the mistress that his father was in relationship with, it turns out that the old man did not leave without a plan. He has left behind a will.

Jun-wan and Ik-jun when Ik-sun is on call. (tvN)

Then there is the matter of Jun-wan's secret relationship with Ik-jun's sister Ik-sun. The two are dating but Ik-jun has no clue about this and furthermore he is unable to confide in any of his friends about the seriousness of his feelings for Ik-sun.

Now that she had to leave for the UK for her doctorate, Jun-wan is faced with a very difficult decision. He is very serious about Ik-sun and wants to show the same by gifting her couple rings but because of the trauma that her ex-boyfriend left her with, Ik-sun is wary of commitment. His friend Jeong-won is also struggling to wrap things up in preparation to leave for Italy where he hopes to study to become a priest.

Jeong-won, Ik-jun, Jun-wan, and Seok-hyeon when Song-hwa announced that she wants to leave (tvN)

With each of them standing at crossroads in life and just one episode left in the show, can we really guess at how the show will progress? What we can be sure of though is that Song-wa is now leaving her friends behind in Seoul to work at a regional branch. She tells all her friends that she wants to treat herself since her disc pain had gotten worse, but is that really it?

After Ik-jun told everyone at a company dinner that there have been times that he had felt more for his best friend, he also sang a forlorn song about his first love at a karaoke bar. We saw a flashback from his past when he chose a gift for his girlfriend, which happened to be a beautiful ring. While we don't see the girlfriend, the box in which the ring is placed in the same box that Ik-jun had thrown away on Song-hwa's birthday all those years ago.

Gyeo-wool and Yeong-won in 'Hospital Playlist' (tvN)

Meanwhile, Jeong-won's mother has figured out that her son actually likes a woman who could possibly be her last resort to stop her son from becoming a priest. She even asks Gyeo-wool (Shin Hyun-bin) to request Jeong-won not to become a priest because she believes that her son will listen to this doctor.

After all, he let her take lead on surgery which is something that he had never done before. Of course, the fact that Gyeo-wool is a great surgeon is important but that never let him step away as a lead surgeon in any of his surgeries before. While this episode set up the characters to face the crossroads, only the finale will answer our questions about how the five friends will lead their lives. 

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