‘Hospital Playlist’ Episode 4 shows Seok-hyeon's story and transition into a ‘mama’s boy’, Jun-wan has a crush

‘Hospital Playlist’ Episode 4 shows Seok-hyeon's story and transition into a ‘mama’s boy’, Jun-wan has a crush

‘The Hospital Playlist’ Episode 4 finally reveals more about the one character who has so far been mysterious. All that we had known about Seok-hyeon (Kim Dae-myung) previously was the fact that he loved his mother and is now considered a “mama’s boy” by his friends. Now, we learn that Seok-hyeon was not always like that. He used to be brusque with everyone including his mother. He had even gone so far as to swear at how annoying her interference in his life was. 

All of that changed when his younger sister had suddenly died and he was asked by his aunt to return to South Korea to take care of his mother and the funeral proceedings. To add to all of this, when he is in the plane grieving for the loss of his sister, he sees his father with a woman. He had heard from his aunt that his father was on a business trip with his new employees, but he seems to be traveling with a woman and the two of them seem quite intimate. He learns that his father had been having an affair. 

After Seok-hyeon had taken care of his sister’s last rites, when he tried to talk to his mother about his father’s affair; he was further shocked to learn that his mother had already known. Seok-hyeon is then told that she will never divorce his father because she wants him to stay with her until the end, even if it means that the only thing left between the two would be hatred. When Seok-hyeon sees his mother break down, everything within him changes and that’s how the all-new Seok-hyeon is born. 

We also learn that Seok-hyeon had learned how to play the keyboard from his sister, and now, it also makes sense that he wanted to restart the band with his four other friends. The first time they had started a band together, he had auditioned to be a keyboard player by playing the song that he had learned from his sister. 

Every week, the show concentrates on telling a story about these five friends by choosing one song that they would play with their band. This week, the main plot point was driven by Seok-hyeon while we also see Jun-wan begin to crush on Lee Ik-jun’s sister. She was admitted to the hospital in last week’s episode, and it turns out that she was treated by Jun-wan, the cardiothoracic surgeon who is beginning to feel attracted to her. In the meanwhile, we also learn that Ik-jun is now officially single. His son U-jin, the adorable kid, is with his father all the way through and even tells him that he is ready to miss a mother who doesn’t miss him and reiterates that he is happiest with his father. 

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