GOT7's Bambam 'woke up and chose violence' as he bombards Ahgases with 'punny' tweets

Bambam punned on the names of two members of GOT7, putting Ahgases to work so they could one-up him

                            GOT7's Bambam 'woke up and chose violence' as he bombards Ahgases with 'punny' tweets
In a series of tweets that radiate crackhead energy, GOT7's Bambam gives a punny start of the day to Ahgases (JYP Entertainment)

Being the meme king that he is, Bambam of GOT7 has put fans of the group to work as he started his morning with the most insane epiphany. On the late morning of November 12, Bambam took to his Twitter to relay his thoughts to fans when he posted a ‘mind = blown’ gif with the caption, “​​If we have Youngjae… Why don't we have Oldjae? If we have Jackson… Shouldn't we also have Jacksoff?"

It seems like this was not the first tweet from Bambam’s quintessentially confused brain today. The crackhead king of GOT7 decided to let dad jokes take over his Twitter feed as he rambled all morning with a new pun every hour. He first posted, “If we have Watermelon, shouldn't we also have Firemelon? Earthmelon? and Airmelon? The Elemelons,” using one of the classic memes as his reference, but soon after he got up close and personal as he decided to make jokes on the names of his bandmates.


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Bambam gets punny

Ahgases know how Bambam is extremely funny when it comes to taking a dig at his bandmates, in fact so much so that fans join in with equally witty and funny clapbacks to his jokes. The last known Twitter joke Bambam played was him taking a dig at bandmate Jinyoung playing the role of a female with a wig on K-drama ‘Yumi’s Cells’. This time around he picked on Youngjae and Jackson as he made puns with their names as the subject of his tweet.

Ahgases who thought that this was the end of Bambam being himself on Twitter had more in store as the penultimate youngest member of the group also asked a funny question paired with a Doctor Strange gif. He asked, “If one teacher can't teach all subjects… Why is we expected to study all subjects?” confusing all his fans so much more than he did all morning. Bambam followed that question with a reply to a fan as he asked another funny question, “If Apple made a car would it still have windows?” causing more chaos in the fandom.


Jackson says no one “jacks off”

After fans were rolling on the floor laughing, they noticed that Bambam said if we have a Jacks-on we should also have a ‘Jacks-off’ which makes an NSFW innuendo. Jackson then decided to chime into the mess and said, “No Jack(s) off” with a gif that read ‘Stop It’ making fans laugh at the entire conversation. Bambam being the jokester he is had to have the last word as he replied to Jackson with a gif that read, "You can’t stop me, Baby," causing a laugh riot amongst Ahgases.


‘Someone take his phone away’

The GOT7 fandom is known for being one of the funniest in K-pop where idols match the same crackhead energy of their fans. This time around, Ahgases (also known as iGOT7) took Bambam’s puns to the next level as they added some of their own while other fans made memes on the situation. One fan said, “Bambam and ahgase right now,” with a facepalm showing how they were embarrassed by his actions as a joke. One more fan said, “Bambam woke up and chose violence today,” but followed it by saying he did not make an obvious joke on Jinyoung. Another fan took charge but did something way funnier when they asked, “If we have Jinyoung why don't we have Jinold? following it by saying, “Oh we have Jinold,” adding a fun trigger warning with a gif of JYP which is a long-running inside joke in the fandom.

Another Ahgase joined saying, “If we have Jackson, shouldn't we also have Jackdaughter?” One more asked, “If we have JayB, Why don't we have JayA JayC or JayD?” One fan said, “He didn't think this one through.” Another fan said, “You's amazing.” A fan joked, “Someone take bambams phone away,” as another made a meme of coming to hit Bambam for his dad jokes.