GOT7 back Youngjae's ‘Vibin’, fans ask Jinyoung to join TikTok challenge

Idol actor Jinyoung is said to be filming for the supernatural film, ‘High Five’, and the ongoing K-drama ‘Yumi’s Cell’

                            GOT7 back Youngjae's ‘Vibin’, fans ask Jinyoung to join TikTok challenge
Six GOT7 members have done Youngjae's 'Vibin' TikTok challenge and fans are waiting for Jinyoung to join in (@GOT7Official/Twitter)

TikTok has joined the other social media platforms as an innovative way for artists to promote their new releases. With TikTok videos being shared on other platforms as well like Twitter and Instagram reels, it has become the quickest way for a song to become popular. From funny clips to dances, fans and fellow artists show their support by going on TikTok and doing the challenge. Well, we had GOT7 hyping up Youngjae’s solo debut by doing the ‘Vibin’ TikTok challenge.

Youngjae first met up with his leader Jay B and the maknae (youngest) line -- Bambam and Yugyeom -- for a reaction video to his solo debut’s music video teaser. They then got together and did the ‘Vibin’ challenge which is dancing the killing part in the chorus. Youngjae later asked Mark to do it who is currently in LA. The eldest member said it felt lonely to do it alone and so Youngjae did a TikTok duet with him and uploaded it. Fans were patiently waiting for Jackson and Jinyoung to join in who are currently busy.

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GOT6 does Youngjae's 'Vibin' TikTok challenge

Jinyoung is said to be filming for the supernatural film ‘High Five’ and the ongoing K-drama ‘Yumi’s Cell’. Jackson on the other hand is promoting his new hip-hop group PANTHEPACK in China. He had previously asked Youngjae to teach him the dance. He then came on Instagram Live on October 8 last night while working out at the gym. Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) were overjoyed when he then danced to ‘Vibin’. With GOT6 doing the ‘Vibin’ TikTok challenge fans are now turning to Jinyoung asking him to complete the series.


Jinyoung's acting projects

After a few days of radio silence, the idol actor was in the news yesterday for bagging twin main roles in the upcoming action thriller movie ‘Christmas Carol’. Those who were waiting for his appearance on ‘Yumi’s Cell’ were also happy as he was present in the preview of next week’s episode. But despite being busy, he has constantly shown his support for his fellow GOT7 members and each of their solo debuts.


Other idols join challenge

Some of the other celebrities to have joined the ‘Vibin’ TikTok challenge are Lim Nayoung and Yoon Seobin. The latest idols to show their support are none other than Monsta X’s Kihyun and I.M. Youngjae had been a guest on their Naver radio show ‘Midnight Idol’ on October 8 and so the three decided to do the ‘Vibin’ challenge together. These TikTok challenges are a fun way for idols to interact as seen with SHINee’s Key doing Hyuna and Dawn’s ‘Ping Pong’ challenge while SISTAR reunited for Soyou’s ‘Gotta Go’ challenge.


'Don't be shy'

Fans have been trending Jinyoung as they are asking him to do Youngjae’s TikTok challenge. They made tweets like, “6/7 Park Jinyoung don't be shy join them you are the missing last piece,” “Park Jinyoung has left the group chat,” and “Jinyoung your turn.” Ahgases were also excited for Jinyoung’s upcoming acting projects as they made posts like, “SO SO SO EXCITED FOR YOO BABI MAKE WAY FOR PARK JINYOUNG YAAAALL,” “I missed you Park Jinyoung,” and “Park jinyoung of got 7 after releasing both korean and japanese versions of dive, shooting for a magazine, filming for Yacha, filming for Yumi’s Cell, filming for High Five, preparing for Christmas Carol’s filming, left and right prescon & interviews.”








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