GOT7 Mark Tuan 'Last Breath' tops iTunes, fans joke he is trying to meet 2Jae in MV

Ahgases are quite busy with Mark's 'Last Breath' music video, Bambam's tweets and Jay B and Youngjae's appearance at the Burberry Jeju event

                            GOT7 Mark Tuan 'Last Breath' tops iTunes, fans joke he is trying to meet 2Jae in MV
Mark Tuan for 'Last Breath' music video (Mark Tuan/YouTube)

With fashion weeks for the Spring/Summer going on all around the world, brands have roped in K-pop idols for the South Korean events. Burberry happens to be the latest luxury house to invite idols as they host ‘The Imagined Landscapes Jeju’ at the tourist spot Jeju island. They invited celebrities like Astro’s Eunwoo and Itzy but Ahgases (GOT7's fandom) only had eyes for 2Jae aka GOT7’s Youngjae and Jay B. The two members reunited on Jeju as they were present for the fashion show which also happened to be on the same date as Mark Tuan’s release of his latest single ‘Last Breath’.

There was much talk about the eldest member’s solo music as Mark moved back to LA after GOT7 left their old agency JYPE. He hinted that he had made enough songs to host a tour and had been spotted filming for a music video. Well, he went all out for it as he wiped his Instagram to announce the angsty single ‘Last Breath’. It is the pre-release of his upcoming solo debut album and was dropped on November 12. And in just a few hours it topped charts like iTunes.

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Mark Tuan for 'Last Breath' music video (Mark Tuan/YouTube)

Mark Tuan drops the music video for ‘Last Breath’

With ‘Last Breath’ being released sporadically at 12 am local time of different countries, fans were impressed that the song ended up debuting at #50 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart. And with Thailand probably being the biggest fans of the GOT7 members, Thai Ahgases helped ‘Last Breath’ get its first #1 on Thailand’s iTunes while Mark’s other tracks like ‘One in a Million, ‘Never Told You’ and his Marvel OST entered the top 15. ‘Last Breath’ has also topped iTunes in 14 countries and entered the charts in countries like Australia and Japan. Even the music video for it is trending as fans had much to say.

With the GOT7 members focusing on their individual careers for the year 2021, fans have been missing the group interactions which is why even the bare minimum has them excited. A day before, when Mark went on Instagram Live to do a countdown for the release, Bambam came online to watch the live and commented on it. Fans found the interaction wholesome as Mark tried to get him to join the live. And now his reaction to the music video has fans laughing and crying, “Mark said "I only breath when i'm alone" then he probably can't breath forever . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cuz he will never be alone.”



Watch the angsty music video for ‘Last Breath’ below.


'I'm obsessed'

Fans trended #LastBreath as they made tweets like, “THESE SHOTS IM SO OBSESSED,” “Pov: you stan a successful group w/ successful solo careers,” and “I feel like Last Breath is copied from something.. like the beat, Music Video and even the lyrics…. oh I figured it out!! It sounds like SONG OF THE YEAR..!!!” Even 2Jae was trending as Jay B and Youngjae met at Jeju island for the Burberry event. And with one of the shots of ‘Last Breath’ being Mark in water, one fan joked, “Someone in the comments said, that’s mark going to jeju island to meet #2jae.” Another excited Ahgase commented, “NO NO NO NO I'M NOT OKAY I'M STILL SHAKING AND SCREAMING AND MARKBEOM DADDY AND YOUNGJAE MY LOVE LOOK SO SMOL AND 2JAE LOOK LIKE COUPLE ON HONEYMOON AND MARK BEHIND THE SCENE LOOK FREAKING HOT AND SUDDENLY BAMBAM BEING BAMBAM I'M NOT OKAY.”





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