GOT7 members meet to cheer Youngjae on solo debut, fans say 'together as always'

GOT7 members meet to cheer Youngjae on solo debut, fans say 'together as always'
GOT7's leader and maknae line meet up (YOUNGJAE/YouTube)

Ahgases (GOT7's fandom) were pleasantly surprised as Youngjae dropped a video of a ‘GOT7 version’ for his solo debut. Turns out that some of the members met up to react to the music video preview of Youngjae’s title track ‘Vibin’. Their leader, Jay B hung out with him on September 15 after a radio show with guest appearances from Jinyoung and Bambam. And the maknae (youngest) line -- Youngjae, Bambam and Yugyeom later met up at AOMG’s headquarters.

Jay B joked that Youngjae had worked harder for his solo debut than he had done for GOT7 and Youngjae countered that GOT7’s dances were hard while ‘Vibin’ seemed easier. Fans loved their bickering as Jay B stated that there would be no more dancing in GOT7’s future albums while Youngjae said that he agreed to dance now. 

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Yugyeom, Youngjae and Bambam watch 'Vibin' (YOUNGJAE/YouTube)

GOT7's Jay B, Bambam and Yugyeom react to 'Vibin'

Bambam and Yugyeom added that GOT7 was eagerly waiting for Youngjae’s album since he is the last member to go solo. With them saying that they were proud of Youngjae, the main vocalist also shared the same sentiments for the other members. Youngjae commented that he even watched their performances live when they each had their solo debut.

The GOT7 members also shared what the song made them think of and each answer was adorable. Yugyeom confessed that it reminded him of Youngjae’s iconic smile and blue and grassy land. Jaebeom hilariously called back to a car commercial and his musical while Bambam was reminded of driving in a vintage car through the palm trees in LA.

Jay B says that he isn't reacting like a YouTuber because he was paying close attention to the teaser (YOUNGJAE/YouTube)


The maknae line also pointed out that the members who had their solo debut in 2021 could be considered as rookies and that they could be competing with each other. The boys found it funny with Bambam adding that it would be hilarious if they got solo rookie of the year awards after eight years of their group’s debut. Youngjae was also impressed as Bambam guessed if he would be singing on top of the car for the music video.

In the end, Youngjae and Jay B wondered who would buy the next meal with the former bringing back all those times the leader had spoiled Youngjae’s solo debut. He added that it was fun with Jay B saying that he loved the fans’ reactions as they couldn’t guess his spoilers. Fans were also touched that they introduced themselves and signed off as GOT7.

Watch the video below.


Watch the ‘Vibin’ teaser that GOT7 reacted to.


'GOT7 loves GOT7'

Excited fans trended GOT7 as they couldn’t get over the video. They made tweets like, “GOT7 FOREVER!!!! This is why I don’t feel worried at all and why I’m perfectly fine waiting for their group cb. They spoil us and always assure us,” “We love GOT7 their companies love GOT7 and GOT7 loves GOT7,” and “You never realize how much you miss GOT7 until you watch them together as always.” “In another episode of "no one loves got7 more than got7," added one Ahgase.





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