GOT7 comeback soon? Mark, Youngjae hint at first group album since members left JYP

Mark supposedly told some fans that GOT7 was making a comeback. When Youngjae was asked about it, he teased fans about 'spilling details'

                            GOT7 comeback soon? Mark, Youngjae hint at first group album since members left JYP
Fans are convinced that GOT7 is making a comeback after Mark and Youngjae, members of the group drop vague hints (@got7.with.igot7/Instagram)

After the members of the K-pop group, GOT7 terminated their seven-year-long contract with JYP Entertainment, fans of the group thought GOT7 was disbanding. But after continuous confirmation from all the members themselves, Ahgases are relieved that they will still release music together. However, members also told fans that even though GOT7 hasn't disbanded, members are taking some time off to focus on their solo careers.

After leaving JYP, all seven members of the group are engaging in activities that will help their solo careers be it acting, music-making, or modeling. GOT7's solo activities started with Mark releasing his solo single, 'One in a Million', and Jinyoung followed suit by playing the main lead in the K-drama, 'The Devil Judge' while also releasing a single, 'Dive'. Yugyeom, the group's maknae came out with his first solo album, 'Point of View: U' while Bambam released 'Ribbon.'


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Solo activities

GOT7's Jackson, on the other hand, who had already established himself as a solo act, released the song, 'Drive You Home.' He continues to make music, enabling other Chinese artists through his project, 'PanThePack.' Youngjae focussed on his modeling and acting career before making any time for solo music. Youngjae was seen in photoshoots for high-end magazines while bagging his first acting gig in the Netflix original sitcom, 'So Not Worth It.' Mark was also seen on multiple magazine covers and photoshoots.

Jay B was the last member of GOT7 to release anything in terms of his solo activities. After ensuring all the members were doing well, Jay B released his first solo mini-album which received an amazing response. With almost all members engaging in solo activities, fans really wished for Youngjae to make new music too and for a GOT7 comeback. Youngjae announced the release of his first album,' Colors of Ars' which is selling out fast while he also dropped the music video teaser for the title track, 'Vibin'.


Is GOT7 coming back?

As of now, there is no official confirmation from the agencies that each of the seven members are represented by. But in typical GOT7 fashion, the boys have proved yet again that they cannot keep things a secret. During a conversation with fans on the Universe app, it was reported to Youngjae that Mark had told some fans that GOT7 was making a comeback.

This will be the first news of GOT7 members releasing music together as a group after they dropped their self-produced single, 'Encore' and what will be their first album outside JYP Entertainment after 'Breath of Love: Last Piece.' Youngjae went along with the news and continued to say if there is a comeback he asked fans if they wanted him to spill more details about it. The fans said yes and Youngjae added that they are currently working on their solo projects but are going to meet next year.


Fans have more than enough reason to believe that 2022 will finally be the year when GOT7 will unite to make their own music and promote it in the form of a concert. As for now, Youngjae is gearing up for his first mini-album, 'Colors of Ars' that is set to release on October 5 while H1GHR Music announced the opening of a new Pop-up store for Jay B and his latest album, 'Somo:Fume.' Some reports suggest that Jackson is also gearing up for his solo album which may release in November while Jay B is working on his second solo album which can release in December of 2021.


'GOT7 will make us cry'

Fans are going crazy over the possible spoiler of a comeback from Mark and Youngjae and have started manifesting a concert with the seven members of GOT7. One fan said, "I might be a clown myself but if @GOTYJ_Ars_Vita solo is October, @JacksonWang852 new album is November & @jaybnow_hr albeom #2 is December, then wouldn’t #GOT7 comeback be January?! & they would have rights to perform their songs again so GOT7 World Tour 2022!!!" Another fan said, "I mean if IF got7 really comeback there're 7 companies promoting them yall have no excuse then." Another fan said, "Manifesting that Got7 will make us cry for their comeback."

One fan said, "GOT7 made solo debuts, now we be waiting for their group comeback." Another fan made a prayer circle manifesting the potential comeback. One fan asked GOT7 to comeback as if they were asking a favor from their friend as they said, "True ba got7 comeback na? goshh i miss themmm." One fan took the extra step and predicted a date for the comeback saying, "Okay then, 011622 will be got7's comeback."














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