GOT7's Bambam celebrates Jinyoung's birthday with memes, fans say 'Bammie you're best'

As GOT7 wish Jinyoung on his birthday, Bambam makes memes to celebrate with his group member. This is not the first time that Bambam has done this

                            GOT7's Bambam celebrates Jinyoung's birthday with memes, fans say 'Bammie you're best'
Bambam makes memes for Jinyoung's birthday (@GOT7Official/Twitter, @bambam1a/Instagram)

While Ahgases (GOT7’s fandom) have been celebrating GOT7 Jinyoung’s birthday on September 22, Bambam has brought out the works to hype up his group member. Known for his outgoing and 4D personality, fans have been loving Bambam’s interactions with his group members as they are currently all separately focusing on their individual careers. We got Bambam promoting with Yugyeom, going on radio and variety shows with Youngjae and guest DJing with Jay B.

We got Jackson posting a photoshoot with Jinyoung and Yugyeom posting a photo of the birthday boy on their Instagram stories to wish him. But fans could always count on Bambam, the mood maker to have fun while also celebrating his member’s birthday. As one of the youngest members, he loves teasing Jinyoung and so went on to post memes on his Instagram story and Twitter to wish Jinyoung a happy birthday.

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Bambam, Jackson and Yugyeom wish Jinyoung (@bambam1a, @jacksonwang852g7, @yugyeom/Instagram)

Bambam posts memes to celebrate Jinyoung’s birthday

Bambam’s first Instagram story is a meme where the members had once suggested that Jinyoung could change his name to ‘Park Man’, which sounds quite similar to a swear word. His second story was from Jinyoung’s latest K-drama, ‘The Devil Judge’ where he does a finger heart in the guise of flipping someone off. And to top it off, Bambam called him ‘Mommy Jinyoung’ on Twitter posted a meme of him with a huge peach as the fruit happens to be his emoji.

Bambam makes memes for Jinyoung's birthday (@GOT7Official/Twitter)


This is not the first time that Bambam has done this. Ahgases know that he loves creating and posting memes. He posted funny photos and memes for the members’ birthdays. For Youngjae’s birthday that was a few days ago, Bambam posted the 'salt bae' meme with the salt as photos of Youngjae’s pet Coco. With the last member, Yugyeom’s birthday being in November, Ahgases can’t help but eagerly wait to see what Bambam has in store for the maknae (youngest).



While Bambam has already made Jinyoung’s birthday eventful, fans also noticed that Jinyoung's agency had surreptitiously opened a Japanese account for him hinting at J-pop music, promotions in Japan and a Japan Fanclub. They also revealed that Jinyoung’s solo single ‘Dive’ that he released as a gift for waiting fans would have a Japanese version that would be released on 29 September.

'The best'

Ahgases have been trending Bambam and Jinyoung as they couldn’t get over the cute messages with posts like, “Park Man" and the "heart you" memes shsjdgdjdh Bammie you're the best,” “Bambam biggest igot7 out there stealing edits and calling jinyoung MOMMY as if this fandom hasn't been trying to move past that dark era for the past few years,” and “5/GOT6 is down, Yugyeom is the next victim of Bambam’s birthday greeting.”

One fan wondered what would “Bambam's search bar:” be like. They also posted reaction memes of how Jinyoung would react. Another fan added, “Jinyoung and the giant peach" "park man" "heart you" BAMBAM IS SO PLS HE'S THE BEST HE'S SO ANNOYING I LOVE HIM.” Ahgases also wished Jinyoung a happy birthday by trending #AllRounderJinyoungDay with tweets like, “Happy Birthday to GOT7’s actor park and ahgases first love, Park Jinyoung!,” and “Just jinyoung being the cutest with ahgase.”









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