Ex-2NE1 star Sandara Park joins Sunmi and GOT7's Bambam in Abyss after leaving YG

After leaving YG Entertainment, Sandara Park has joined Abyss Company and might renew her idol career

                            Ex-2NE1 star Sandara Park joins Sunmi and GOT7's Bambam in Abyss after leaving YG
Sandara Park joins Abyss (ABYSS COMPANY/YouTube)

2NE1 fans rejoice because 2021 seems to be a good year for the legendary K-pop girl group. First, Park Bom hinted at a reunion while promoting her much-awaited single. And just last week we had CL, the leader of the group drop ‘Spicy’, a pre-release single for her first solo studio album ‘Alpha’. She also signed with the international recording label Satellite 414 which houses the likes of Adele and Beyonce while Minzy has joined the survival show 'Extreme Debut: Wild Idol' as a mentor. And now Dara aka Sandara Park has also left YG and joined Abyss Company.

After 2NE1 disbanded in 2016, BlackJacks (fandom) were disheartened as the girls went their separate ways. CL and Sandara were the only two members who had stayed back at YG. Minzy and Park Bom left in 2016 during the group’s hiatus and subsequent disbandment. While CL left in 2019, Sandara was the only one left in YG. In July, CL signed with Kang Daniel’s agency Konnect Entertainment and it was revealed that Sandara would sign with Sunmi and Bambam’s label.

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Sandara Park signs with Abyss Company

Sandara started out as a solo idol in 2004 and also had several acting credits under her belt. During the uncertain era of 2NE1 in 2015, she went back to acting and continued to focus on her TV career after the group disbanded. 2017 was the last time she released new music as part of ‘One Step’s’ OST but that was it from her for the K-pop industry.

She did make her musical debut in 2020 with ‘Another Oh Hae-young’ but she went back to hosting variety shows and dramas in 2021. But fans are now positive that she will return to the K-pop scene. After her contract with YG expired in May 2021, she decided not to renew it and become a free agent. And today, on September 1, it was announced that she has signed with Abyss Company.

Bambam and Sunmi at Abyss (@ABYSS_COMPANY/Twitter)


While Abyss Company is an entertainment agency, to date it only houses musical acts like Park Won, Sunmi, Urban Zakapa and GOT7’s Bambam. With Sandara joining the label, fans wonder if she will renew her singing career. Reports also suggest that she joined Abyss because she will be reuniting with their manager who first discovered her when she was in the Philippines that kickstarted her career as an artist.

'Dara solo'

Fans were excited as they trended her idol stage name Dara on Twitter. They made posts like, “Look at our visual queen dara abyss you're lucky,” and “ARE WE REALLY ONE STEP CLOSER TO HAVING DARA’S SOLO ALBUM???!??!!!!!???” One added, “Remember that one time when locals thought that bambam looks like sandara, and now it's reportedly that they'll be labelmates??? i just can't imagine the power they hold!!”

Another said, “AAAAHHHH OHMYGOD THIS IS IT! IDOL DARA COMIN THRUUUUU!” One excited fan commented, “Me searching abyss sns accounts to follow and being kilig at the thought of dara solo and everythingg:.” “Dara's new family @ABYSS_COMPANY please take care of our Dara thank you,” said another fan. One wondered if we would get a collab, “Must be so fun in ABYSS with Sunmi, Bambam, and now Dara. Can’t wait for a joint project.”








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