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Eric Nam mimics GOT7 Jay B's 'super sexy aegyo' much to the delight of Ahgases

Members of GOT7 have been receiving immense support from their seniors and Eric Nam joins the list as Jay B appears on the ‘Daebak Show with Eric Nam’
GOT7's Jay B joins Eric Nam on the 'Daebak Show with Eric Nam' and discusses his new album (Dive Studios/YouTube)
GOT7's Jay B joins Eric Nam on the 'Daebak Show with Eric Nam' and discusses his new album (Dive Studios/YouTube)

Ever since their departure from JYP Entertainment, fans of GOT7 are loving their interactions with other K-pop idols who seem to be  extending their full support to each of the members. Be it Sunmi becoming Bambam’s noona (big sister) when he joined Abyss Entertainment and becoming her labelmate or be it Jay Park practicing with Yugyeom when he joined Jay B’s live stream.

The continuous banter between Jay Park and Jay B was heightened by Park’s obsession with the “GOT8 agenda,” born out of his appearance on a few of Jay B’s live streams. Jay Park would say “GOT8 forever,” jokingly trying to imply that he was now part of the boy group. Fans have been enjoying such playful interactions that many artists seem to enjoy with members of GOT7 and now they have another such delightful moment to talk about.


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Jay B and Eric play a game and try to spot the differences between two of their pictures (Dive Studios/YouTube)

Daebak Show with Jay B

Eric Nam hosts a popular talk show, ‘Daebak Show with Eric Nam’ produced by Dive Studios. The show welcomes a lot of K-pop idols who interact with him and play a few games, answer a few fan questions, and talk about themselves. On this week's episode of the show, Episode 128, Eric Nam invited GOT7’s Jay B over to discuss “Jay B’s real personality and his journey as a solo artist.” As the show started Eric conversed with Jay B about his journey after he signed up with a new label. Jay B also spoke about his new album ‘Somo:Fume,’ which he explains has music he created and accumulated over time, which has now become “consumable.”

The boys went on to talk about filming music videos, set locations, and industry struggles. Jay B’s new album has a star-studded tracklist that featured many underrated big names of K-pop. Eric and Jay B also discussed how Jay B has grown as a musician and a person from his trainee days at JYP, to now as a solo artist at H1GHR Entertainment.

Listen to the entire podcast in audio format on Dive Studios, Spotify or watch the episode with English subtitles here,


Jay B’s 'Super Sexy Aegyo'

In their most recent group comeback, ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece’ released in November 2020, Ahgases saw the use of a new catchphrase that the members of the group used to tease their beloved leader Jay B with. "Aegyo" is a Korean term used to mean something like “act cute” or speaking in a cute, childlike manner. The term “aegyo” is rather popular in South Korea and something even common people engage in quite often.

An ongoing joke in the fandom involves the members, mainly Jinyoung, Mark, Jackson and Yugyeom, but also Youngjae and Bambam at times, asking fans to request Jay B, the group's leader, to do something called the “super sexy aegyo.” Fans obviously do not know the inside joke behind the term but kept asking Jay B to perform the aegyo. Everytime they did, it would result in chaos as all the other members would not be able to control their laughter.

Now that it has been almost a year since the joke began, most Ahgases seem to have forgotten about it but Jay B hasn't. Jay B won a game the two idols played during the episode so as a punishment for losing, Jay B asked Eric to do the “super sexy aegyo.” Eric took a video first showing Jay B doing it, teaching Eric how to do the aegyo gesture. Eric then awkwardly tries to copy it and erupts into a laugh. The reel was posted on Eric Nam’s official Instagram account and had Ahgases going crazy.


‘It's back’

Fans welcomed the funniest ongoing gag in GOT7 history as one tweet said, “A good morning to super sexy aegyo.” Another fan said, “Ahhhhhh, The return of Super Sexy Aegyo!” A third tweet remarked, “Eric's scream is literally me ajahhasksgsjsl.” One more fan said, “Aaaaand it’s back HAHAHHA.”

A fan pointed, “That foot stomp makes it a lot more cuter pls JAY B imma keep you in my pocket forever.” Another fan said, “Jackson would be so happy n proud of him for getting eric to do.” One tweet commented on Eric's embarrassment, saying “ahhaha and eric died.” Another fan said, “Eric nam teasing the hell out of JAY B and getting him all flustered.” One fan said, “I cant believe Jaebeom made Eric Nam do super sexy aegyo, how on earth did the whole thing reach this far. Another person though Eric was on to something, “Eric Nam another candidate for the got8 agenda. he's such a nice guy, talented and chaotic. the synergy will be perfect both musically and personality-wise and they've been friends for so long.”