'Good Boy Gone Bad': Fans confused as BigHit ‘plagiarizes’ BTS for labelmate TXT

Multi-fans defend TXT's music video by saying that it is a continuation of BTS' 'HYYH' trilogy

                            'Good Boy Gone Bad': Fans confused as BigHit ‘plagiarizes’ BTS for labelmate TXT
Fans find similarities between the music videos of TXT and BTS (@BIGHIT_MUSIC, @bts_bighit/Twitter)

TXT is on a roll with ‘Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child’ being its most successful comeback yet. It became the 10th most pre-ordered album in K-pop history and crossed a whopping number of 918k sales in the first 24 hours of its release. The boy group also became the second-fastest K-pop act following BTS to get 1 million actual sales in just 2 days. They are also doing well on the charts as all of the tracks entered Korean charts while the album topped iTunes in 43 regions including major markets like UK and Japan.

Fans and non-fans are also loving the title track ‘Good Boy Gone Bad’ as we get a grunge and emo concept from TXT for the music video. However, with the way their label BigHit is handling the comeback, fans are not happy. TXT announced their first-ever world tour but the venues are extremely small with the average capacity being 6,000 seats. Fans also pointed out that TXT was appearing on only three music shows which they couldn't understand why. If that wasn't enough, they are now being slammed by BTS fans as TXT's music video has allegedly plagiarized from BTS' 'HYYH' concept.

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Fans find similarities between TXT's 'Good Boy Gone Bad' and BTS' music videos for the 'HYYH' trilogy (HYBE Labels/YouTube)

Fans find similarities between TXT and BTS’ music videos

With BTS and TXT being labelmates as they're both under BigHit, many were confused due to the similarities in TXT's 'Good Boy Gone Bad' and previous BTS music videos like 'I Need U' and ‘Run’. While some were amused that the label had not given TXT a new concept, many were upset that the younger boy group was plagiarizing from BTS. However, with J-hope himself supporting TXT’s music video, multi-fans think that the similarities might be due to the continuing of BTS’ ‘HYYH’ trilogy storyline in TXT’s universe. Many are also pointing out that there have often been hints in the past that BTS and TXT’s storylines are part of the same multiverse.


'The storylines are connected'

Some fans were upset, “Wtf it's literally identical to run and I need u by bts, this needs to stop now.” Another was confused as to the management of this particular comeback, “Between the horrible selection of concert venues, to not making the most of the pre-cb hype n announcing final pre-numbers, to suddenly not sending the boys to multiple [email protected]_MUSIC has a LOT of explaining to do before moas escalate our rage.” One fan wrote, “So it’s copying it comes to other kpop groups but when this group does it, it’s parallels.”




But a majority of the fans are fine with the similarities as one shared, “Y’all can’t be serious..THE STORYLINES ARE CONNECTED.” One fan theorized, “Y'all what if txt will continue the hyyh story!!! Idk maybe bts is gonna have an open ending (cuz we know "proof" will close the HYYH chapter for bts) what if txt are the ones who will continue this concept but with their own style????...MY BTXT HEART.” Another fan joked, “The judge after studying half of their life just to found out their first case is bighit suing bighit for plagiarizing bighit:.”




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