Jimin stans clash over credit, solo track in BTS 'Proof' album: 'Free Jimin from Hybe'

Some fans are upset that Jimin doesn't have a solo demo, hasn't been credited in 'Blood Sweat and Tears' and that 'Filter' was chosen instead of 'Lie'

                            Jimin stans clash over credit, solo track in BTS 'Proof' album: 'Free Jimin from Hybe'
Some solo stans are asking fans to trust Jimin who has an equal say in the album tracklist (@bts_bighit/Twitter)

BTS’ comeback is in full swing and fans are excited for it. ARMY were first impressed when the global K-pop group announced that they would be dropping ‘Proof’, an anthology album. This meant that BTS had such an extensive discography that they had enough to create a three-CD tracklist. We are getting new versions of iconic hits, demos and three new songs. From ‘Moon’ to ‘Run BTS’, fans are ready to listen to the album already. However, some Jimin fans are clashing over the choice of songs in the album.

Apart from group songs, we are also getting solo and sub-unit tracks in the ‘Proof’ tracklist. Each BTS member has a minimum of one solo song in the second tracklist. However, Jimin’s fans are upset due to the lack of attention or negative attention that he has been getting for the past few days. First, there were rumors that BTS’ military exemption was denied due to Jimin’s house foreclosure issue. Knetizens then created an uproar on his only solo track, ‘Filter’.

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Jimin fans clash over ‘Proof’ tracklist

Along with Jimin, one of the producers who worked on ‘Filter’ was Jung Bobby. And while the song was made in 2020, Bobby since then has been labeled as a sex offender. Fans tried to defend the choice of ‘Filter' on the tracklist by sharing that the song was made before the sexual allegations of the co-producer. A BTS fan also pointed out that Jimin was not credited for ‘Blood Sweat and Tears’ and fans would have never known that he had made the melody if Jin hadn’t brought it up. All of the members' solo demos were also included in the tracklist except Jimin's. As for the 'Tony Montana' demo which features Jimin and Suga, the latter was the one who wrote the song.



Fans were also unhappy that ‘Lie’, a solo track that Jimin had written himself unlike the now-controversial ‘Filter’ was not featured on the album. Additionally, some solo stans felt that his company, HYBE was not allowing Jimin to expand his solo career which has led to the trending of the hashtag ‘Free Jimin From HYBE’. However, there are some mature fans of Jimin who are embarrassed by such behavior. They are pointing out that Jimin like all of the members has a say in BTS’ tracklist and comeback, and if he was not happy he would not have renewed his contract. They also pointed out that like Suga and RM who use their studios to make BTS tracks without being credited, it is the end result that matters which is the creation of a song. 

‘He knows his worth’

Fans who felt that Jimin was being treated unfairly made tweets like, “Can he be given the same treatment as other members please🥺he works very hard it’s just sad to see him not being credited for his work.” Another fan added, “They couldn’t even add lie ! #FreeJiminFromHybe.” One fan pointed out, “Demos: rm: young forever th: spring ay hsk: dna yg: seesaw jin: epiphany jk: still with you Where is jimin solo demo?? ” Another shared, “Also jimin wrote the WHOLE BST melody and his name im not seeing up there still.”





But some ARMY are countering that Jimin doesn’t need any freeing, “The fact that ya'll are trending #FreeJiminFromHybe is kind of embarrassing... Jimin has say in what happens on the album. If he needed to leave Hybe I'm sure he wouldn't have signed for another 7 years with them. Solo stans go away, we don't need you, and Jimin doesn't like you.” Another fan said, “There’s hashtag for #FreeJiminFromHybe going round? Can y’all just give it a rest please? He’s not being held hostage.” One wrote, “Society when solos learn the members themselves choose what goes on the albums.” Another simply said, “He knows his worth.”





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